What’s on Trend for Kitchen Refurbishment and Remodeling Tips this 2020

It’s that time of the year again. New home revamping ideas are all over the internet. From home design experts, enthusiasts, to vloggers, you can see their opinions and advice on how to keep up with home trends this year through different social media platforms. But the question is this; which among these options fits your kitchen?

Creative multifunctional small spaces are the hype for kitchen remodeling and refurbishment. Large kitchen spaces without so much use are no longer the trend this year. It is because homeowners are becoming more practical. More and more people veer toward options that are efficient, functional, and optimize opportunities. If you’ve got kitchen overhauling plans, here are some ideas you can use.

Tip#1: More Storage

Today’s kitchen trend includes base cabinets, upper cabinets, and extension drawers. The extra drawers and cabinets offer additional storage room in the kitchen. Moreover, it’ll keep the space clutter-free. Adding storage spaces also maximizes the room’s potential without occupying a lot of space.

Tip#2: Space-saver features

Did you know that one of the latest designs of the kitchen sink has a “hiding” feature?

High-end kitchen designers introduced the disappearing sink to save more space in the kitchen. Likewise, the hiding feature of the skin keeps the kitchen neat and clean.

Tip#3: Functional Kitchen Appliances

If you need new appliances to fill your kitchen, avoid purchasing items with excess accessories that have little to no use. Think smart when spending money on kitchen appliances. Choose products coming from trusted brands, has a long lifespan, durable, shows efficiency, and budget-friendly.

You can check examples of functional and great space-saver kitchen appliances here at Homeaddons.

Tip#4: Pay Attention to the Value

Total kitchen remodeling is not expensive when you know what to find. One of the biggest mistakes of many homeowners is choosing the most expensive upgrades available with the hopes that it has the best quality. What you have to focus on is the value, not the prices of the upgrades.

For example, real wood veneers are costly. If you want your kitchen to look more natural without spending too much money real wood veneers, search for alternatives. Laminate manufacturers created options that feel like genuine wood but more affordable.

Tip#5: The Minimalist Kitchen

Many have come to love a minimalist kitchen. It consumes less space while providing functionality in every corner. Moreover, a minimalist kitchen is a good option for homeowners with a small living space, like an apartment or studio.

Tip#6: Bold Designs

Monochrome interiors have been the common design of many kitchens for a long time. Although some still prefer the sleek and uniform look of such interiors, more homeowners have come to love using variations of textures and colors in their kitchen.

In 2020, kitchen interior designs are bolder. Bold and matte colors are the new trend. Additionally, book-matched wood panels are a new style.


Revamping your kitchen will give it a new life and a fresher vibe. However, make sure to think and plan everything first before deciding to spend money. Always focus on the value, functionality, and efficiency of the kitchen, rather than being fancy and expensive.