Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk: Top Reasons Why Minimalists Should Purchase One

Simple and refined but modern and it transcends trend; these are a few words that describe what modern living is for the most minimalist.

If you are a minimalist and looking for an office or gaming desk, you should consider buying the Walker Edison Seoreno 3-piece corner desk, and here are the top reasons why:

Reason #1: It does not demand too much space

Although Walker Edison Soreno corner desk is an L-shaped desk with two connecting tables, it does not demand too much space inside your home or office room. In fact, you can place the L-shaped desk almost anywhere. For instance, you may place the desk in the middle of the room or at the corner; no matter where it will be, it will never take too much space. You can check the product specifications at this website http://computerdeskz.com/walker-edison-soreno-3-piece-corner-desk/.

Reason #2: The desks’ style and color

The undeniable fact about minimalist style and design are not about the need to reduce intricacies, but it has something to do with choosing colors and styles that are toned near to earth – neat, tidy, and stylish. If you would look into Walker Edison Soreno corner desk’s color and style, you will find it versatile.

The color and style of the desk are too loud, proud, nor tacky, but it is versatile enough that it can be placed in any room design you have.

Reason #3: Does not demand space but spacious enough for office or gaming equipment

The 3-piece corner desk measures 51” (width) x 20” (depth) x 29” (height) and with 51” overall depth; no matter how you look at it, it is smaller than the usual corner desk that you will find in the market today. Even so, the desk’s overall size does limit you to place your important office and gaming equipment on the desk and here are the reasons why:

  •    It has a separate CPU compartment
    •    It is designed with a sliding keyboard compartment
    •    The two-connecting tables can accommodate your laptop or monitor, telephone, printer, study lamp, a clock, and one to two of your file folder racks.
    •    Has enough leg-room that you can use to place important file folder racks and some small drawers.

Because of the desks’ expanded gaming or working space, it saves you from buying another table to place your other important working and gaming devices.

Reason #4: Promotes ergonomics

One of the best things about Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece corner desk is its design that promotes ergonomics. Ergonomics on furniture boost working or gaming performance; considering the size and expanded gaming and working space, it eliminates a number of negative health impact, including bad posture, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even digestive system problems.

Final Words

The Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece corner desk is indeed every gamer and office worker’s desk due to its several advantages; however, above it all, the desk is perfect for people who believe in the principle of minimalism.

If you are a minimalist and are interested in buying one, try to visit ComputerDeskz’ website now.