Top Reasons Why Odin can Pass as a Villain

Odin, the king of Asgard, is the All-Father that most MCU fans would regard as a great king and true leader. But did you know that Odin can pass as a villain too? 

Who is Odin?

Odin Borson, the All-Father, the king of Asgard, and the protector of the Ten Realms, is the most powerful and wisest leader of the Asgardians. He is the husband of Frigga, father of Thor and Hela, and adoptive father of Loki. He had fathered many children, including Balder, Vidar, and more.

Odin wanted to bring peace to all the realms, especially during the great battle against the Frost Giants, defeating their leader Laufey. There he met the abandoned son of Laufey, Loki, and adopted him as his own.

Odin, in ancient times, was worshipped as the god of wisdom by humans.

Odin depicts a true and mighty god, but did you know he can also pass as a villain in MCU? Here are the top reasons why:

Reason #1: He is a bad father

Odin is an All-Father, but he was not a good one. He banishes his children to other realms whenever he needs to. When Hela was gaining too much power and growing too much lust from it, Odin had Hela trapped and locked her away in Hel. After Odin had died, Hela returned to Asgard, seeking revenge and power, causing Ragnarok to the realm. It was revealed that Hela’s banishment was tied to Odin’s life force.

Other than Hela, everyone well knows that Odin also banished his adoptive son, Loki, from all of his crimes. Then, Odin had him return to Asgard just to cut all contact with him, sealing him in the Asgardian prison.

Then, there’s Thor, who became arrogant when he tried to claim his throne. Odin banished him to Midgard (Earth).

However, if you think about what he had done to his children, which was to protect the morals of a true king and being a father, it is safe to say, Odin did what he needed to do. And if compared to Thanos, Odin might win the battle of odin vs thanos for better All-Fathers.

Reason #2: He is a conqueror

Like a true conqueror, Odin will do his might to seize realm by realm. He is a ruthless tyrant during the crusade. He killed so many to gain too much.

Reason #3: He is the reason why Loki become a villain

Loki, a trickster, found out Odin’s parentage to him and the truth behind his race. Hurt, he saw Odin as a monster and a terrible father.

Loki admitted that he never wished for the throne, but to be equal to Thor because the former always felt the second best from his adoptive father. This led to a standoff between the true brothers, causing the latter to be jealous and full of resentment for his adoptive brother.

From being a trickster, Loki became a villain. However, after realizing his stand in Asgard and his brother and father’s eyes, it became his redemption arch.

Final Thoughts

So, do you think Odin is a villain?

Yes, at some point.

However, if you consider all his work to unite the Nine Realms and how he wanted his children to gain the morals of a true king and All-Father, he is a good guy, through and through.