Slim Wallet with Money a Clip

1Most men around the world have been prone to lower back pain because they commonly place their wallets in the back pocket of their pants. That is owed to the fact that when they sit, their buttocks will not be in a balanced position. That is the reason why many experts no longer recommend placing wallets in such area. However, there are still people who cannot from refrain from it, so they are advised to limit the content of their wallets to make them thinner.

Unfortunately, not all men can refrain from placing a lot of things in their wallet since they were used to it. With that in regard, many manufacturers have started producing thin wallets. The good thing about this product is that men are forced to limit the content of their wallets. That is because the space is just limited to hold a number of cards and a few pieces of money. Nonetheless, some producers still recognized the need to carry more cash. Hence, they have incorporated money clips.

Although there is a great selection of thin wallets with money clips, not all of them have good quality and functionality. With that in mind, below, we made a review of a wallet with money clip to help you decide if it is the best slim wallet for men.

NapaWalli Genuine Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet with Money Clip

This 4.9 x 3.6 x 0.8 inches product is constructed using genuine, quality, and full-grain Napa cow leather that has been textured using carbon fiber materials. Also, the stitching that has been made to put this wallet together has been done in a detailed and careful manner. Likewise, the money clip incorporated is also made of authentic and pure carbon fiber. What is better is that the manufacturer included four types of rare, strong, and permanent earth magnets to ensure that the money clipped to it is held securely.

Capacity-wise, there are three slots for ATM or credit cards, one for an identification card, and two large slots that can be used for any other items that the user wish to put. What is more amazing is that it has been equipped with an RFID-blocking technology that can block cards using the 13.56 MHz frequency.

Choosing a color will also not be a problem with this wallet since it is available in 22 various palettes like khaki, green, black, and brown. Even the money clip has different colors, depending on the color of the wallet’s body. In addition, this wallet is designed to be placed in the front pocket and has a one-year replacement guarantee offer.

Final Verdict

This lightweight front-pocket wallet can be considered as a good choice for people who want to go for a thin wallet but do not want to limit the things that they can put in it. Apart from the money clip, there is also an extra compartment that can be used for placing important receipts and other cards. This China-made product can also be considered durable since it is made of authentic leather and combined with carbon fiber.