Keylogger: How to Detect and Prevent from the Attacks?

What is keylogging? Is it a threat? Yes, it is. So, how to detect one and prevent its attacks? Continue reading this.

What is keylogging?

Keylogging is one of the aggressive ways cybercriminals do to gain access to your credentials, steal your personal information, and clear out all your savings on your bank.

A keylogger is software used for keylogging. It is spyware that will record all your keyboard input. The data collected are sent to the hacker.

In keylogging, your passwords, email log-ins, browsing history, personal information, and account information are easily tracked. The software will track your keystrokes on your keyboard and the finger taps on your mobile devices; phone tracking becomes easy for them too.

How do you detect one?

There are several ways to detect if your mobile device or your computer is installed with a keylogger; and here are a few:

  • The browser is slower than usual.
  • Lag in mouse movement or keystrokes.
  • The cursor disappears frequently.
  • Your mobile phone gets physically hot without using them.
  • You can hear strange or crackling background noises whenever you take calls.
  • You receive weird messages with random special characters only or unknown links.
  • Your phone or computer turns on and off randomly.
  • Your phone’s screen lights up randomly even if in idle.

So, how do you stop or prevent keylogging attacks?

Easy; all you need is to follow the steps:

#1: Check your phone or your computer’s download folder

Check your download folder and find out if there are any suspicious apps or link downloads. Usually, malware is identified with inauspicious names with random characters and an .APK file extension.

Anything you do not remember downloading, consider deleting them.

#2: Use trusted antivirus software or app

A trusted and well-working antivirus app is capable of easily detecting keyloggers. Also, these apps are capable of detecting unusual activities on your phone or computer and have them quarantined.

#3: Remove the keylogger

If you notice that your mobile device is attached to the keylogger app, you must remove them immediately. Most of the trusted and well-equipped antivirus apps can easily remove the keylogger after detecting them. However, if you can’t remove them from your phone or other mobile devices, you need to reset them.

Resetting your phone or computer to remove the keylogger software can be very bothersome. However, resetting your mobile devices to a factory setting is one of the effective ways to remove the keylogger.

#4: Immediately change your password

It is critical to change the password as soon as possible. Changing the password fast won’t give the hacker the chance to change all the account details before you.

#5: Do not save your personal or account information 

Do not save your personal or account information on devices that are easily tracked or monitored by cyber-criminals.

Final Thoughts

Tracking, monitoring, and hacking personal and account details are now becoming easy for cybercriminals. So, you need to pay extra attention to keeping your details safe on your phone or other mobile devices.