How to Lose Weight (and Belly Fat) Safely

A lot has been said about the dangers of having too much belly fat and a lot has been written about the many ways to lose belly fat. Health experts are unanimous in saying that belly fat is not only unsightly, meaning they are not nice to look at, but that they are dangerous too. If you want more information about belly fats, visit the site of Straight on my Belly.

So what’s the safest way to lose belly fat?

One of the most recommended ways to lose weight (and lose belly fat as a result) is through proper weight management via a diet that’s prepared and monitored by nutritionists and dietitians. There are many of these diets that are readily available for anyone who’s interested. Doctors and health experts however always recommend seeing a doctor first before doing anything.

Just to give you an example of a diet that’s popular, below is a diet called flat belly diet. It’s popular because it promises to aid in weight loss without much effort on the person.

Flat Belly Diet

This diet by Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, and Liz Vaccariello who are both authors, says that eating the right kind of fat can actually help lose weight and flatten the belly in as short a time as a month and a few days, 32 to be exact. A person can lose at least 15 pounds in 32 days if they eat monosaturated fats each and every meal, eat every 4 hours, and stick to a 1,600 caloric diet every day by eating 4 meals of 400 calories per meal, no more, no less.

For the first 4 days of this diet, the food must not contain salt and absolutely no processed food, any forms of carbs, and foods that can stimulate gas like broccoli, onions, and beans. It is also highly recommended that 2 liters of water mixed with mint leaves, ginger root, lemon, and cucumber is consumed every day.

This diet requires a firm commitment because one needs to look into the caloric content of each and every food included in the diet. Calorie counting can be irritating for some and so if you want to do this, be sure you are ready to go the extra mile.

Is this safe for people with medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes? The answer is yes! Again this diet removes saturated fat in the diet and replaces it with foods rich in monosaturated fat. For a little background, people today eat lots and lots of food laden with saturated fat – processed food, fast food, etc. Saturated fat is abundantly found in meat and this kind of fat is not healthy. Flat Belly Diet totally changes the diet from bad to good by removing foods high in saturated fat and replacing it with foods high in monosaturated fats. Examples of food high in monosaturated fats include avocado, nuts, peanut oil and butter, olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, and sesame oil.

For a final takeaway, diets are only good when they are followed to the letter. It takes strong will to begin a strict diet plan but it takes unyielding commitment to follow through to the end.