Five Dog Grooming Tips that Every Dog Owner Must Know

Is your dog’s coat too dull and dry despite daily grooming?

Maybe you’re doing it wrong!

A dog’s coat requires proper care and maintenance to keep it gorgeous and healthy. Wrong grooming such as using harmful products and frequent bathing can ruin your pet’s coat. If you are thinking the food is to blame; not at all.

There is a right way of grooming dogs; Online sources such as the Cozy Stream that provides DIY tips about owning a pet. It teaches you the do’s and don’ts when it comes to dog care. Likewise, if you are a new dog owner, this source has all the basic info you’ll need to assure your furry friend is healthy. You can access the Cozy Stream using this link,

To make things easier, here is a handy guide regarding proper dog grooming that you must know.

#1 Bath When Necessary

A dog always smells like one. Hence, do not expect that your furry companion will smell like cupcakes or flowery. Most dogs have a healthy dog odor that exudes even after bathing.

Only bathe your dog when he reeks of unpleasant odor due to dirt or mud. A good time to bathe your dog is when the coat is sticky with dirt.

Avoid bathing your dog frequently. Doing so will dry out their skin and fur.

#2 Choose the Right Shampoo

There is a specific shampoo for dogs. Make sure to use products that are recommended by the veterinary clinic. Remember that dogs have sensitive skin. Therefore, strong chemicals can damage their skin. Also, there are dogs with hypersensitivity to shampoo contents. The wise thing to do is buy a gentle hypoallergenic shampoo. You can check out the Cozy Stream to find out the best shampoo for dogs.

#3 Brush the Coat

Brushing your dog’s coat prevents the hair from matting and tangling. Moreover, it keeps the fur shiny and beautiful.

Brushing is highly advised for dogs with a thick and long coat. But if your dog’s coat is shorter and naturally shiny, there’s no need for regular brushing.

In this process, do it smoothly to make your dog feel comfortable. Brushing can be soothing for them. However, if your dog gets uncomfortable immediately stop and check the brush. It could be the reason for his discomfort.

#4 Occasional Hair Cut

Having a long and thick coat makes a dog feel irritated, especially during summer, when the weather is warmer. If your dog’s fur gets too long, let them visit a pet groomer. Occasional hair cut is necessary for dogs. Lesser fur makes them feel lighter and cooler.

#5 Give Your Furry Friend Treats

Not all dogs, particularly puppies are used to grooming. You have to associate grooming with positive things as a reward. Give your dog a pleasant reward like dog treats. In this manner, your dog will look forward to bathing and fur brushing.

More Thoughts

Take in mind that your pet needs care, including grooming. If you have no idea where to begin, consult a veterinary closest to you. Also, the Cozy Stream is another helpful source you can check out.