5 Differences Between Marvel’s Thanos in the MCU and Comic You Might Have Missed

Did you catch the differences between MCU’s Thanos and the comic version of Thanos? If not, know how the most formidable Marvel villain differs from movie portrayals from its original version.

Thanos is the ultimate villain of the Marvel Universe. Although he is an antagonist, Thanos is one of the most popular characters of the Marvel universe alongside its heroes. The depth of his character and background story made him an iconic persona in the comic world.

Snippets of Thanos’ character were seen in Marvel’s cinematic universe. It seems the creators were purposely giving the audience teasers on what has to come in the future. Then, the news came – Thanos will make his proper debut in the Avengers: Infinity War bringing chaos to the Marvel heroes.

The MCU creators faced difficulty in portraying Thanos on the big screen. They want to give more life to the character; to make it possible, the entire MCU filmmakers pulled out various source materials to make his character powerful and close to its comic universe counterpart.

The MCU team delivered the character excellently. However, there were significant differences in Thanos’ character in the MCU that Marvel fans did not miss. Have you noticed these differences? If not, see this Thanos explained in the MCU.

#1 Thanos’ Origin

In the comic, Thanos’ parents are Eternals who disowned him because of his deformity. The act of his parents became the root of Thanos’ wrath and determination to destroy his world.

In the film, Thanos’ reason for destroying half of his world is not due to his parents disowning him; he was exiled after suggesting half of the population of Titan be killed to save half of its people.

#2 Thanos’ Weakness

The comic introduced no weakness in Thanos’ character. He was indestructible and immensely powerful. The only way to defeat him was to take the gauntlet and freeze him. The film, on the other hand, portrayed Thanos as a powerful villain but not completely indestructible. He showed weakness, and there were several scenes that the heroes almost defeated the character.

#3 Thanos’ Level-headedness

It is surprising to many fans that MCU portrayed a level-headed Thanos. Though he remains confident and zealous that he will succeed, his character is more down-to-earth. Meanwhile, the original Thanos in the comic has a different personality. He was portrayed as the ultimate evil. He is powerful and thinks highly of himself, calling himself a god when he had the Infinity Gauntlet.

#4 Thanos’ Quest

Both the MCU and comic versions showed Thanos going on a quest to collect the stones to complete the Infinity Gauntlet. However, Thanos acquired the stones by visiting several cosmic beings in the MCU instead of battling the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as shown in the comic version.

#5 The Snap

The ‘snap’ happened differently in the comic version. When it happened, the heroes did not know Thanos. Their battle against the greatest evil only bean after ‘the snap’ wipes out half the universe. Thus, the ‘snap’ was merely the beginning of the Infinity Gauntlet arc.

The movie showed the ‘snap’ as the end of the arc. The heroes know Thanos and his plan to wipe out half of the universe. Unfortunately, the heroes failed to save the universe.