Unsafe Blenders? How to Determine Your Blender is Non-Toxic

Are you sure that your blender is 100 percent safe?

Over the years there have been complaints about blenders with toxic chemicals. The harmful substances were found usually as an ingredient of the mixing tank. On the other hand, other users said the chemicals leaked from the tank going to the food which resulted in health problems among their family members.

The toxins in blenders come from the plastic mixing tank. You could not easily identify a blender with harmful chemicals with a single glance. You have to read the blender’s label to determine the substances which make up the mixing tank. To guarantee that you are buying a safe blender, here is the common plastic ingredient that you need to watch out for.


The BPA or Bisphenol-A is a chemical that is added to commercial products made from plastics such as containers and even hygiene products. Most manufacturers use BPA to make the plastic harder and sturdier. Although it may seem useful for producing plastic products, however, this substance is hazardous to your health.

Exposure to BPA can cause infertility among men and women, as well as decreased urine levels. According to studies, exposure to BPA can cause your urine levels to 66 percent. It also has a negative impact on breastfeeding mothers. Human studies also indicate that BPA increases the risk of high blood pressure. Based on a survey, there are 1, 455 of Americans with high BPA levels who are susceptible to heart disease and diabetes. Other effects of BPA include hyperactivity, anxiousness, depression and reduced prostate and breast tissue development.

You can take in BPA through the foods you eat and drink which are prepared in plastics. Moreover, plastics with leaks can cause the BPA to mix with the food.
You can avoid BPA by using non-plastic products. As much as possible, avoid drinking from plastics and prepare foods on it. It is ideal to drink in glass bottles and prepare food in glass containers.

The good news is there are BPA-free blenders in the market. If you read the Prime Shop Kitchen, an online source which provides something about blenders worth the read on, you can see the top choice blenders that are BPA free.

One of the leading blenders that are BPA safe is OXA Smart Immersion Hand Blender Set. This blender is very convenient since it is portable and easy to keep. Moreover, this item is quite powerful despite its slim size. It is lightweight but sturdy at the same time.

The OXA immersion hand blender features six speeds that include a turbo for fast breaking down of ingredients. It can chop foods, whisk an egg and prepare your favorite delicious smoothie. Some buyers do not prefer an immersion hand blender since it tends to cause food splatter. The good thing is, OXA has a 600ml beaker that could house the ingredients and prevent food from going out of the mixing tank.

You can trust that OXA immersion hand blender is safe to use. It is 100 percent BPA free. If you want to learn more about this item, you can visit the Prime Shop Kitchen for details.