Types of Arrows

Your choice of archery equipment will determine how successful you hunting will be. You will obviously need a complete set of arrows and a well-designed bow before you go for a hunt. Most people prefer using a recurve bow because of its efficiency in making a perfect shot. That’s not all, most recurve bows do not produce any sound when launching the arrow and therefore the prey will not sense any danger. Manufactures have come up with different types of arrows so as to suit various needs of the user. This article will help you get the required knowledge about them. You can also check out this url if you are looking for a good quality recurve bow.

Wood arrow

This kind of arrow is preferred by many people because of its good appearance. You can also get yourself one for sentimental reasons. It is more affordable compared to the arrows that are made of heavy durable cedar material. The most preferred type of bow to use with this arrow is the traditional recurve bow. The demerit of this arrow is that it has a low durability span because it can be destroyed if exposed to moisture or heat.

Aluminum shafted arrow

This kind of arrow came into use during the 1970s. Its advantages are; it is very straight, has light weight features and is relatively affordable. The aluminum material is not affected by moisture and this makes these arrows to be more durable than the wood arrows. The downside of this arrow is that aluminum tends to break easily and produces too much noise when being used.

Carbon shafted arrows

The type of arrow came into use in the late 90s. The carbon material was discovered to be more durable than aluminum. You will notice that carbon shafted arrow has less weight than an aluminum one. In addition, this kind of arrow is good because they do not bend at all. The disadvantages of this arrow include; it can break when a lot of stress exerted on it. They are also more expensive than the other types. However, it is expected that their cost will drop with time as more archers continue to make use of them hence increasing their demand.

Hybrid arrows

This is a kind of arrow which is made out of both the carbon material and the aluminum material. The core of the arrow is designed with aluminum and the cover is made of carbon. Since this arrow is made of two materials, it has combined advantages of the aluminum arrow and the carbon arrow. You will notice that this arrow is more durable and much lighter. It is also the fastest kind of arrow with a flat trajectory. It is however prone to breaking and bending since its core is made out aluminum.

Having understood all the three major types of arrows, your choice of arrow solely depends on what suits you. However, it is good to only use the carbon or aluminum arrows when using the modern bows. But before making a purchase of any arrow, it is important to take your time and compare the prices from different stores and the durability of each arrow.