Top-Rated Scooter Helmets this 2019 that You Should Check-Out

Choosing the right helmet is crucial to the driver and its passenger’s safety, even if you are driving a scooter. In fact, even for safe-looking two-wheeled motor transportation, it is still considered as one of the dangerous transportation as motorcycles.

So, if you are currently planning to replace your old helmet for a new one that is on trend today, you should also take time to find a scooter helmet that promises reliability, security, and durability. Although you can read honest reviews about the best ones right here, here is a quick review on which scooter helmet you should check out this 2019.

Docooler Leather Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Scooter Touring Helmet

Product key features:

•    Weighs 1.6 pounds
•    Lightweight
•    Unique-looking vintage style scooter touring helmet
•    Designed with three buttons that can help you attach the helmet visor that provides adequate protection against the damaging sun rays and some flying insects.
•    Comes with UV anti-fog goggles
•    Comes with a user-friendly and removable leather scarf.
•    Perfect gear for motocross, touring, cruising on land, and more

Raider Deluxe Open Face Helmet

Product key features:

•    Weighs 2.95 pounds
•    DOT FMVSS N.218 Approved; this means that the helmet was manufactured according to the helmet safety standards set by the US Federal.
•    Designed with snap-off visor and a dual forehead vent
•    It comes with optional zipper neck curtain (optional)
•    Designed as lightweight with a thermoplastic shell
•    The deluxe motorcycle half helmet is ideal for motorcycle and scooter use.

GLX Open Face Dual Visor Scooter Helmet

Product key features:

•    Weighs 2.76 pounds
•    The open face dual scooter helmet is designed with high impact resistant thermoplastic shell.
•    Comes with adjustable smoke-tinted sun shield wind visor
•    Designed with an innovative quick release strap system
•    Comfortable and soft inside the helmet
•    Meets and exceeds the safety standards set by DOT of FMVSS 223
•    Ideal for street touring motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, scooter, even the street motorcycles.

Motorcycle Scooter Open Face Helmet PILOT Flip Up Visor DOT – RED X-Large

Product key features:

•    Weighs 4 pounds
•    Size: XL (24 – 24.4 inches / 61 – 62 cms.)
•    DOT approved helmet (Street Legal with FMVSS 218)
•    Durable, strong, but a lightweight shell
•    Designed with soft and comfortable padded interior
•    Comes with clear flip-up visor
•    Designed with D-ring in a square shape and a chin strap holder
•    Manufactured with aerodynamic modern design
•    Designed with a wide vision field

Tips in choosing the right helmet:

If you are currently having a hard time choosing the right scooter helmet for you; here are some tips to make it easier for you which above-mentioned scooter helmet should you choose.

1. It should fit you perfectly; do not buy something bigger or smaller than your head.
2.    It should be comfortable for you.
3.    If you are confused which is better – open or closed faceplate – choose something that makes you feel comfortable, but at the same time makes you feel secure.