Top Blogging Mistakes that Every Beginner Should Avoid

Blog posts or content is critical to website SEO ranking or visibility. However, several beginners would post useless content, hurting their website traffic. And if you are new to blogging, you should avoid this mistake and a couple more.

Starting an online business blog is quite tricky but manageable; until you need to post regular content.

Blog posts are entries on your blog site. These can be articles or any content embedded with texts, photos, videos, and even info graphs. However, to gain organic traffic to your website, you need to post relevant content at least two new posts per week.

It seems easy, right?


Do not get your hopes up because uploading organic content and driving traffic to your blog site is not easy, especially when your main goal is to make money through blogging.

On a side note, there is a huge chance for you to have a successful blog website if you know how SEO works and if you know how to avoid these top blogging mistakes that every beginner does.

Mistake #1: Not understanding your niche

Before starting a business blog website, you need to create an online business plan.

A business plan will be your foundation on how your blog website should look and operate. And within your plan, you have determined what topics you will upload. One of the common mistakes that most beginners make is not understanding their niche.

Why did you make a blog site? Who is your audience? If you have decided on the niche, do not upload irrelevant to the site. These unrelated contents will pull your traffic down.

So, know what exactly you want to reach your audience and which audiences you want to reach. Check out Emily and Blair website on how to make an online business plan.

Mistake #2: Uploading incomprehensible contents

Writing blogs for your website is quite tricky too. You can’t upload contents that are identical to the other posts.

It should be unique; if you want organic traffic.

However, the uniqueness of the content must be comprehensible to the readers. Do not write blogs that are too deep to understand. Write articles that are easy to comprehend for all ages.

Mistake #3: Creating poorly-formatted contents

Another common mistake that every beginner commits is writing or uploading poorly-formatted content.

Write contents that will answer your reader’s questions.

And then, use a format that will build up reader engagement. You may use bullet points, clear sections with understandable headers, and may use bolded text.

Try reading other blog sites and write down the things you observe within their site.

Mistake #4: Creating worst titles

Quirky titles help attract readers, but several beginners are consuming their time writing blogs with terrible titles. It is okay to be unique with titles but do not overboard. Try creating simple and easily searched titles.

To create titles you may use target keywords or titles that are target queries. Also, avoid click-baiting because not all audiences can appreciate it.