Tips for Successful Potty Training

The potty training process is hard particularly for new parents. Technique is important in this process because often, children are so reluctant, apprehensive and a bit rebellious. Hence, for parents to be able to succeed in the potty training process, having some easy and practical tips for successful potty training is a must. It is something that all parents need to do for both their kids and their convenience as well.


To get their kids prepped for the experience, use these tips for successful potty training:

1. Know the Right Time to Potty Train a Kid

  • The right age. Most of the time, parents start potty training their kids as soon as their kid turns one or two, but actually, kids can start potty training as soon as they reach 18 months. However, this is not always the case because there are a few cases when kids can’t get the hang of using the potty until they reach four years old.
  • The role model. If the kid is a boy, then seeing his dad or his older brother use the potty can help. The same thing goes with a baby girl; seeing her mommy or her older sister use the potty can help. Since kids often imitate what they see, this is a very useful tip.
  • Wait until they are willing. There are kids who tend to go through a phase in their childhood when they get rebellious and always say no. Never start potty training if they are still in this phase since this is only going to lead to failure or successful potty training cannot be done in short time.

2. The Right Kind of Equipment

Many parents ask if there is a need for them to purchase the right kind of potty training tools or if there are really potty training tools that are right. Of course, there are the proper potty training tools.

  • The potty. To start off, purchasing a potty is important. Many kids fear the toilet and are very anxious when they sit on top of it because they might fall. Hence, if the kid is not yet ready to use the bigger toilet, a potty can be of use. However, while time flies, the kid must say goodbye to the potty and eventually use the toilet. If the kid is still anxious about falling then using training seat can be done. Otherwise, the built in potty seat is very convenient in teaching your kid to use the potty.
  • The training seat. A training seat is something that is being put on top of the toilet.
  • A footstep. A footstep is likewise needed for the kid to be able to reach the toilet bowl.

3. The Right Kind of Motivation

Motivation is an important factor that can help the potty training be successful. Often, kids become too scared or hesitant to cooperate thus they need some kind of motivation. Parents can start motivating their kids through giving them rewards every time they try to sit on the potty. It is best if parents give better prizes f the kid really does make a pee or poop on the potty. Aside from the prizes, praise must as well be given. This gives them the feeling that what they did is great.

These are only tips, though. The result of the potty training process is really a reflection on how the parents give time and effort to potty training their kids. This kind of process is really hard and tiring, but with these tips, it can be a lot easier.