Tips For Car Camping

Sleeping under the stars and basking in the sun rays is a wonderful and fulfilling experience that people of all ages enjoy. It is a nice experience with too many benefits but people shun from it because it seems like it needs a lot of planning and packing. That is not the case, car camping is easy with the right tips at hand so here: is what will make you think of car camping even with only a day or two to relax. Use these tips:


During pre-arrival

1. Fill up the tank

As much as this may sound to obvious, it is critical. Ensure your car has enough gas before heading for a car camping. It is both scary and annoying being stuck in the woods.

2. Carry enough water

Carry enough water in the bottle and in the bladder before you go for your car camping. Don’t mind so much about its weight but keep filling the bottles up when you stop at any gas station. Always ensure that you don’t run out of water during your stay.

3. Pack some luxury

Carry an air mattress, a stove probably a two-burner and a pillow. Since car camping is not as tiresome as bag-packing, use the advantage of lack of weight constraints and space. Carry everything that you think you may need for a comfortable stay, after all its your car that will carry and not your back.

 When picking a site:

1. Consider all option not limiting to paid grounds

The beauty of a public land is that you can camp for free, somewhere near your car. Follow this link to get more tips on car-camping ground.

2. Get a permit

Even if your camping ground already has a fire pit, do not assume that you can light a fire without a permit. Look for a permit to light a fire before you light the fire. Be careful with the fire so that you avoid starting a bush fire.

On arrival:

1. Turn the lights inside your car off

Keep the indoor lights off, permanently off since you will be locking and unlocking your door. When locking and unlocking the door, the lights will light when you do this so you had better turn them off permanently. Carry jumper cables just in case your battery goes flat.

2. Use your car as the storage area

There is no need to unpack everything from your car. Leave some things in the car, actually most things. Any extras that you have should stand waiting in the car, like extra clothing and extra food. You can walk to your car when you need anything.

3. Look for a nice spot

When you want to put up your tent, you should look around so that at the end you end up settling at a very comfortable place.  Pick somewhere that is flat and very comfortable. Look for a place that seems so safe and well drained so that you don’t wake up in water.