Things to Do and Avoid When Growing Magic Mushrooms at Home

Frequent restocking on magic mushrooms can be time-consuming and of course, expensive. To cut back on your shroom cost, why not grow your own magic mushroom at home? Find out the ways how to begin your first home-grown magic mushroom. 

Psychedelic mushrooms, otherwise known as shrooms or magic mushrooms, are known for their hallucinogenic properties. Magic mushrooms are known for their hallucinogenic properties similar to LSD. A minimal dosage of the substance helps the body relax. Meanwhile, an average dose boosts energy, overall productivity and offers euphoric effects. On the other hand, psychonauts use a higher dosage of shroom to achieve spiritual enlightenment and a deeper understanding of the self.

Although the shroom market is restricted in some countries, looking for this substance is easy. You can procure shroom products at reliable online sources. While purchasing shrooms online is convenient, it is undeniable that frequent buying is costly. It is why many experts recommend growing magic mushrooms at home.

Psychedelic mushrooms are surprisingly easy to grow. However, small mistakes can drastically impact its growth. If you are new to growing magic mushrooms, here are the things you need to do and avoid.

What do You Need to Do? 

  • Familiarize the Habitat of Shrooms

The first thing you need to do is read on the habitat of shrooms. Beware that shrooms come in different types. Each type of magic mushroom grows in different habitat. For example, some grow in rotting tree trunks, whereas others thrive in grasslands. Meanwhile, others grow in warmer climates like the P. Cubensis, while some prefer a colder climate.

Given the unique habitat of different types of magic mushrooms, some of their variety may not grow in your location. Hence, it is best to start with a shroom that is endemic in your place.

  • Complete the Equipment You’ll Need for Growing Shrooms

You will need a set of equipment to grow magic mushrooms. You can get these items at reliable online distributors. These tools usually come in one kit. Thus, you won’t have to buy each one to complete a set.

If you are new to shroom growing kits, make sure to educate yourself first about the equipment. Handling a spore syringe is probably the most challenging for a beginner. You might require the assistance of someone skilled.

  • Hygiene is the Key

Pay attention to hygiene when planting and growing magic mushrooms. Shrooms are quite sensitive. They are easily contaminated; thus, correct handling is necessary.

What Do You Need to Avoid? 

  • Growing Cultivated Mushrooms

Mushrooms tend to look alike to an untrained eye.

Moreover, some magic mushrooms have high psilocybin content. Potent shrooms are dangerous for neophytes. It may cause ‘bad trips’, nightmares, and paranoia. Likewise, potent shrooms have a long-lasting effect and may entirely affect a person’s perception of reality.

Make sure to get a magic mushroom growing kit. One kit contains spores and tools you will need to grow the shroom. Hence, you can assure you’ll get the correct shroom variant that is suitable for your condition. And you can guarantee its potency and safety.