The Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Cooking

Technological advancements have helped improve peoples’ lives in so many ways. For example, people used to prepare wood fuel to cook food. Now, there are more advanced ways of preparing food, which are not only making it convenient in cooking, but also safer and healthier. Today, the most common way people cook their food is by the use of gas stoves, which utilizes gas and ignition system to create fire. Another common way is by the use of electric stoves. One type of cook top, however, is making a name across different countries in the recent years. They are called induction cook tops, and they generally popular in Asia and Europe, and is becoming more popular in the United States.

What is an Induction Cook Top?

The induction cook top is different from a gas or electric cook top in the way that it generates heat to cook food. The induction cook top creates a magnetic field that reacts with the material of the pot or pan, which then generates heat to cook food.

Induction cook tops sound promising and may be the next best thing to have in the kitchen, but they have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. These are the pros and cons of induction cooking:


Faster Cooking – Induction cooking is faster compared to using gas or electric stoves. By using the induction technology, one can save up to half the average cooking time on other cook tops.

Energy Efficient – Induction cooking saves much more energy than other cook tops. This is because the cook top only heats the pan and not the other surfaces. No energy is wasted in this one.

Safety – compared to other conventional cook tops, induction cook tops are the safest. Gas burners, when not careful in using, can leak and cause explosion and fire. Most induction cook tops come with safety features that make cooking much safer. They are equipped with an automatic shutdown feature when no cookware is detected. Because it uses induction technology, only the cookware is heated while the cook top remains cool, so getting burned is a lot less likely to happen.

Compact – induction cook tops are compact and can save space, which make them ideal not just in homes but also in cabins, dorm rooms, etc.

Attractive Design – compared to other cook tops, induction cook tops are probably the best looking. They come in designs that blend perfectly with the kitchen decors, making a good cooking environment.


Special Cookware – Induction cook tops use electromagnetism to react with the cookware itself to generate heat. This means that not all cookwares will work with the cook top. Getting an induction cook top could mean getting a new set of pots and pans.

Expensive – induction cooktops are very expensive compared to traditional cook tops because of the technology that has been put in order for it to work.

Power – Induction cooktops use electricity to work, that’s why a lot of people find it a problem in times of power outages. In times like this, gas stoves have the advantage.