Should You Buy a Projector or an LCD Display?

There are many devices that have been invented to improve the quality of the image and produced. Most people prefer to use either a projector or an LCD Display so as to enjoy their viewing experience. Each of these devices has features that make them have efficient for certain needs. There are some shortcoming that you will have to endure. Before you decide on whether you should get a projector or an LCD display there are some factors that you should consider.

First of all, you should know of the about the product life of the device. Most projectors are designed with a bulb that has a life of 2000 hours. The backlight life of an LCD display in most cases is about 25000 to 50000 hours. Your backlight will last for about 15 years if you keep your LCD display on for 5 hours every day. It is important to note that there is some LCD display that has a replaceable backlight.

Power Consumption: The amount of power that is consumed varies from one unit to another. You will require to have more power for a conference projector than when using a small portable projector. You will save money with these projector screens. When it comes to LCD display, the size of the screen and the level of resolution determines the amount of heat consumed. You can enjoy the benefit of using a projector that has long lasting batteries without worrying about charging them. This is however not possible with LCD display.

Screen Size: Most people don’t consider the size of the image produced when shopping for a projector. It is possible to increase the size of the image by moving the projector further from the screen. The problem is that this reduces the quality that is produced. You should use a projector screen that has a high gain if you want to maintain the quality of the images produced. LCD displays have a fixed size of the image produced.

Portability: Most of the LCD displays are designed with durable components that make it possible to move them to a new location without being damaged. They are however not as lightweight as projectors and therefore carrying them is not convenient. It is possible to find a portable that is as small as a smartphone. This makes it possible to move them with much ease.

Connectivity: Initially LCD displays were designed with kinds of ports than projectors. Most people preferred to use LCD display for gaming, office presentation and as home theatres. It is now possible to get projectors that are designed with ports that allow it to connect to all types of devices. Some even have Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports used for connecting to smartphones and laptops. You can get yourself a projector that has built-in apps that will help you in your next Excel sheet, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint presentation.

Connectivity: Most LCD displays have number and different types of ports than projectors. As a result, more types of devices can be connected to an LCD display than a projector.