Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Dive Computer

So you finally decided that it is important to buy your very own dive computer. Did you have a look at the offer available on the market and you feel a bit confused and overwhelmed by the wide selection? It is true that there are numerous types of dive computers and styles to choose from but it is also true that as long as you are well informed, you can make a good investment. Read the article below and check out a list of questions that you should ask before you spend your money on a product. These will help you make the difference between a product which deserves attention and one that you should ignore.

1. What type of mounting do I need?

This is the very first question that you should ask yourself when you begin the process of shopping for a dive computer. There are three big options available on the market? Wrist mounted, console mounted or watch mounted. There is no right or wrong choice, only what works best for you.

2. Is air integration needed or not?

By now you probably know which type of mounting fits your needs and preferences best. The next question that you should ask yourself is whether or not you need air integration. What is this? Well, air integrated dive computers are the ones which are connected to your air source; their role is to display the current air pressure on the dive computer. They do this digitally. The great benefit of such an integration is that it calculates your current breathing rate so you will find out how much time you have left given the rate at which you breathe. Since the integration is not quite cheap and it stands at around a few hundred dollars, it is not a must. However, if you can afford it, we recommend you to buy it.

3. Which are the features that I should consider?

This is another important question to ask yourself during the process of shopping for a dive computer. There are a few which are quite important. For example, you need to have a closer look at the display types available, at the display size, the presence or absence of back-lighting, the memory capacity and alarms available. You should also check out features regarding the batteries and the activation, whether or not the dive computer that you are about to purchase is PC compatible and check out the compass and navigation.

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