Platelets And Their Role

Every single organ and every single cell in your body plays a very specific, highly important role in your overall health. Whenever there is something wrong, this will cause a chain reaction that can lead to horrible, even life threatening situations. So is the case with platelets. Platelets are colorless blood cells and one of the three types of cells in your body, together with the white cells and the red cells. Platelets play a very specific role: they clog the damaged blood vessels when a cut appears, thus stopping the bleeding. Their normal count is anywhere between 150,000 and 450,000 per microliter of blood and they are continuously produced by the bone marrow, as they die after about 10 days. When there is a low platelet count in your body, you will be dealing with all sorts of symptoms. The most common ones are excessive bruising, easy bruising, bleeding from the gums, bleeding from the nose, prolonged bleeding even from small cuts, digestive problems and fatigue. If you are dealing with one or more of these symptoms, it is a good idea to have the cell blood tests done and find out exactly what your platelet count it.


What are the dangers associated with low platelet count? Well, click for the source and you will find out all the risks associated with this disorder. One of the most serious risks is excessive bleeding, even to death from cuts appeared in severe injuries. This is not a condition to ignore, so it is important to get an efficient treatment as fast as possible.

In terms of treatments available, there are a few we can think of. If your low platelet count is not very severe and in case it was caused by the fact that you had to undergo a treatment such as chemotherapy or use heparin, for example, once the treatment stops, the problem should get solved by itself. This is the case with low platelet count associated with pregnancy as well; once the baby is born, the count will get back to normal. In case the low platelet count is caused by a disease or condition in your body but it is not very severe yet, then some simple lifestyle choices such as eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible, sleeping as much as possible and exercising will get the issue solved. When the problem is very severe, the doctor might prescribe you corticosteroids or even surgery to have the spleen removed as the spleen is the organ that destroys the platelets.

As you can see, platelets play a very important role in your body and they are very important for your overall health. When there is a problem such as a low platelet count, it is best for you to get professional help. A doctor will know exactly what you need in order to get the platelet count back to normal, so schedule an appointment with a professional as fast as possible. This will be for your own good.