Needle Felting: Tips on how to make Your Felting Hobby into Business

Needle felting had been around for several ages; it is a form of craft that can make a small fabric sculpture interesting and designs on the dress look attractive.

There a lot of profitable advantages in needle felting and quilting, if you are into these types of interests, why not turn your hobbies into a business? Like what Craft Biz Pro would always point out, your skills can be useful too.


Craft Biz Pro is a reliable website that helps people with unique talent in quilting, needle felting, sewing, and glass blowing in making their hobbies into a successful business. There are a lot of helpful reviews about handicraft products and great information on how to expand every enthusiast’s hobbies, profitably. If you are interested, other than honing your craft skills, read about Craft Biz Pro now and start turning your hobby into a business.

To help you out, here are some simple tips on how to make your felting hobby into a business:

1. Make a business plan.
When starting a small type of business does not exclude you from making a business plan; after all, it is one of the most crucial parts of initial phase when starting a business.
You have to plan every step carefully to avoid small business operating mistakes; for instance:
•    Planning that involves prioritizing of needed tools and equipment for needle felting.
•    Planning that involves the work-flow of the business.
•    Planning that involves advertising finished products and promoting the business to a wider target.
•    Planning that involves manpower.
•    Planning that also involves finances.

2. Finding the right wool provider.
There are a few farms that provide quality wool or a few farms who can offer the best price for their quality wools; so, carefully choose to be in business with people who can offer you what you need in needle felting business.

3. Offer classes or tutorial for beginners.
Do not limit your business just by selling needle felting finished products, try advancing your entrepreneurial experience by selling other services such as offering special classes in needle felting.

Also, why not try to promote your business social media? All you need to do is make a simple needle felting tutorial and post it on social media; this strategy will help you gain a wider target and an increase in consumer response.

4. Sell some felting kits.
Try to expand your business by selling felting kits. Your craft alone cannot support the success of your business venture; you have to expand and experiment. So, one of the best ways to support your business is selling needle felting kits; this includes some of the basic needle felting materials and some simple felting guides and designs that your customers can work on.

Final Thoughts

Needle felting offers unique art and crafts, but other than that, it can turn your hobbies into a successful business. All you need to do is a guide to make your business a success, like those you can read with Craft Biz Pro, and your confidence and determination to make all your plans into reality.