Most Trusted Brand of Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men Hikers

Wearing the correct footwear is an integral part of hiking. It supports mobility and balance. Moreover, it will protect your feet from injuries and bruises caused by uneven grounds and rough terrains. And, it assures that your feet stay comfortable throughout the hike.

If you are searching for a pair of hiking boots, choosing the right size is only one factor you have to consider. A functional hiking boot must have excellent durability, offers internal support, provides comfort to feet, and breathable. Likewise, select hiking boots with waterproofing technology. This technology prevents water and moisture from going in the shoes. It keeps the feet dry and wards off that awful smell of sweat.

Given all these details, choosing a pair of hiking boots can get confusing. Even experienced hikers consume a lot of time just by searching for the perfect hiking boots. If you are new to hiking boots, the first thing you need to do is do plenty of research. You can start by finding out possible options coming from the most trusted manufacturers of hiking boots.

Merrell Men’s Hiking Boot

One of the leading brands of hiking boots for men is Merrell. This brand has been around for several years, providing the finest hiking boots that are perfect for all conditions.

Merrell’s top seller hiking boot is Moab 2 Mid Waterproof hiking boot. This footwear is a combination of suede leather and mesh material. Because of these materials, Moab 2 is extremely comfortable. The boot is breathable, allowing the feet to stay relaxed and comfortable despite hiking for long hours. Additionally, the footwear features Merrell air cushion in the heel. This feature absorbs shocks and increases stability.

Since Merell Moab is waterproof, the boot is great to wear in the rain. Furthermore, the shoes have excellent traction because of the synthetic sole and Vibram TC5 outsole. Hence, wearing this pair of shoes reduces the risk of slippage.

KEEN Men’s Hiking Shoe

If you have wide feet, one of the best options is KEEN Hiking Shoe. This brand has a wide collection of hiking shoes suitable for all types of hikers. Whether you need a wider hiking shoe, one with great traction, or one with waterproofing technology, you can find all of it here.

One of KEENs best-seller hiking shoes for wide feet is Targhee II Mid Wide hiking shoe. The footwear is a favorite of professional hikers because of its durability and great ankle support. The shoes also feature great traction and comfort to feet.

The waterproofing technology of KEEN Targhee II is the best. It keeps the feet completely dry, whether from rain or when crossing streams. Also, the footwear has a leather lining that increases airflow.


Whether you are a beginner or a professional, choosing the right pair of hiking boots is crucial. Wearing correct hiking boots increases the safety of your trip, and choosing the wrong one increases your chances of getting injuries.

Don’t rush in making decisions. You can consult reliable online sources for more information about searching for the best hiking boots.