More than the Daily Grind

More than the Daily Grind

Tired of waking up with pain in your jaw? Do you have headaches before your head hits the pillow and again as soon as you pick it back up? Do your teeth hurt, feel loose, or grind in the middle of the night?

If you’ve said yes, then you need a mouth guard specifically designed to stop the pain and aggravation caused by grinding your teeth. This grinding, called bruxism, affects as many as 10% of Americans at any given time and can rise with the increasing stress and anxiety in our world. Mouth guards can not only prevent the damage you’re doing to your teeth but also help curb the habit and give you a better night’s sleep.

ProTeethGuard is a family-owned dental lab that can create a custom mouth guard to help prevent the damage and pain caused by grinding your teeth. ProTeethGuard offers three different kinds of mouth guards, all made with FDA-approved materials, to meet different demands for grinding or clinching. The company has a quick and easy process for molding and creating your guard. It is also one of the few that offers a specific kit for children’s’ mouths. offers three different kinds of custom mouth guards that save you hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of a dentist office guard. The company is run by a professional dental lab and can accommodate mild to severe grinding with its products. With many satisfied users, provides a quality product that it backs up with a money-back and satisfaction guarantee. The company has been making professional guards for dentists; now let it make one for you.

GrindReliefN is a dentist-designed mouth guard that hopes to change your clenching and grinding habits by using a bar that puts pressure on your teeth. This pressure stops up to 70% of all grinding habits. The FDA-approved device is smaller than most and supports moderate grinding, but there is a thorough list of who can and who cannot use the GrindReliefN. The list may seem daunting but it is Dr. Joe Pelerin’s effort to give customers the best relief possible.

SleepRight is a Missouri company that has four different mouth guard models to meet your needs. The company offers one of the few adjustable guards that requires no boiling or molding. It uses a patented method of adjusting its bitepads to meet the length of your mouth and the angle of your bite. Reviews are a little mixed on how well the guards stay in place overnight but those who like the guard are overwhelmingly positive about its affects. All of these are good choices when it comes to mouth guards for your health.

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