Mentor (A’lars) Before Thanos: Things You Should Know About Mad Titan’s Father

A’lars was a Titan Eternal and the father of the galactic warlord, Thanos. But there are more details about him that every Marvel fan should know to understand Thanos better.

Did you know that Thanos was an Eternal?

Eternals (Homo Immortalis) are god-like beings created from Homo erectus by the Celestials. They have amazing powers and abilities. Also, they are tasked to look after the human race throughout the ages.

Thanos was born from two Titan Eternals, A’lars (Mentor) and Sui-San. However, Thanos has Deviant Syndrome, a phenomenon where the Eternals acquires Deviant genes. Carrying the gene, Thanos was almost killed by his mother as a child. Deviants are the original villains of the Marvelverse. Due to their destabilized DNA, they mutated with odd physical appearances. Since Thanos was born with Deviant genes, his mother tried to kill him until A’lars stopped his wife from doing so.

Unlike Sui-San, who saw death in her son’s eyes, A’lars was hopeful that Thanos will not become like those of Deviants.

Who is Mentor (A’lars)?

A’lars is an Eternal with great wisdom. Also, he is a great scientist like his father, Kronos. He was born in the Eternal’s original Earth capital, Titanos. His parents were Kronos and Diana. A’lars had a brother, named Zuras.

Following the death of Kronos, A’lars and Zuras created the first Uni-Mind that will help them determine, which of them will rule the Eternals of the Earth. Unfortunately, Zura gained the trust of its people. So, to avoid causing chaos, A’lars went to Saturn’s real-life moon. There, he met Sui-San, the sole survivor of the exiled followers of Uranos and he founded Eternals of Titan. Later, he called himself as Mentor.

A’lars and Sui-San began to repopulate the colony of Titans using genetic cloning and engineering. There, the population grew and both built a family with two sons – Eros and Thanos. Unfortunately, when Thanos was born, Sui-San tried to kill his son, but A’lars stopped her. Sui-San, knowing his son was with Deviant Syndrome, had gone mad. So, A’lars had institutionalized his wife and raised his sons alone.

A’lars as a Father

Despite not being with his sons all the time, A’lars loved them unconditionally. And when Thanos killed her mother, A’lars was unwilling to believe it. He even denied that his son, Thanos, had become a mad Titan, pillager, and pirate. Not until Thanos used his pirate fleet to destroy the planet Titan.

A’lars was mad at himself for not accepting what Thanos had become for so long.

How strong is Mentor?

Mentor, the fact he was born Eternal, he possesses similar abilities that Earth-born Eternals do.

  • Immortal
  • Immune to disease
  • Capable of regeneration
  • Capable of levitating
  • Cosmic energy manipulation
  • Super genius
  • Super-human strength and can lift to 1 ton

Spoiler Alert!

Thanos killed his father not because he couldn’t get his father to create a cure for his condition but because he was furious that his father wished he died after he was born.

However, A’lars was resurrected back on Earth in the Exclusion, where he found out that Sui-San was also resurrected. Unfortunately, A’lars was put into a cell, where walls have screens with infinite resolution. For years it served as his prison cells due to his mistake of keeping Thanos. And every life that Thanos kills, a single-pixel would light up, causing A’lars to go blind for a week.