Mazatapec Magic Mushroom: Facts to Know

Is it your first time to trip Mazatapec magic mushroom? Are you curious and anxious at the same time about the experience you’ll get? Check this post and find out if Mazatapec magic mushroom is a good choice.

What is Mazatapec magic mushroom?

Mazatapec magic mushroom is a PsilocybeCubensis strain, which was first used by the Mazatec people of Mexico. It was used by the indigenous people for recreational and for spiritual purposes during rituals. Also, it is known to treat stress and depression.

Mazatapec magic mushroom has a fairly similar appearance to other types of PsilocybeCubensis, except for Penis Envy (another potent type strain of PsilocybeCubensis). The Mazatapecshroom has long, off-white stems with orange or bluish specks that curve and taper to the shroom’s cap.

What does it do?

Like almost all magic mushrooms, the Mazatapecshroom contains psilocybin – an active psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound that causes hallucinations and an altered state of consciousness. However, in comparison to other Cubensis strains, the Mazatapec is less potent and has gentler to no side effects for the user or tripper. For this reason, the Mazatapec mushroom is a great shroom option for new shroom users and for people who wants to experience deep spiritual exploration.

Here are a few things you’ll experience when tripping with Mazatapec magic mushroom:

  • A subtle change in mood
  • Buzzing sensation throughout the body
  • Peaceful sensation
  • Beautiful hallucination
  • Sense of renewal or experiencing deep personal or spiritual insight

Possible side-effects:

  • Excessive yawning
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Convulsion (rare severe reaction)

However, the effects of the shroom may depend on the shroom dosage, the user’s mood, and the environment. So, if you decide to trip using Mazatapec mushroom, always have someone to guide you throughout the tripping session.

Additionally, the Mazatapec’s effects are usually set in 45 minutes or more after consumption and will last between 4-6 hours.

How is Mazatapec magic mushroom consumed?

Like other magic mushrooms, the Mazatapec are also consumed fresh or dried. And if you want dried Mazatapec, you may start looking for quality-produced shrooms at Three Amigos.

Mazatapec magic mushroom dosage

For first-time trippers, it is critical to keep the dosage at a low level; this will give the beginner the idea of how a psychedelic substance can affect the human mind and body. So, if you are new to the psychedelic world, 0.25 grams of dried shrooms is a good start.

Check this list:

  • Micro-dose: 0.25 gram
  • Low dose: 0.25-1 gram
  • Medium dose: 1-2 grams
  • Strong dose: 2.5-5 grams
  • Heavy dose: 5 grams and above

When tripping with whatever shroom strain, always know your limitations to achieve a good and priceless shroom tripping experience.

Is tripping with Mazatapec mushrooms worth it?

If you are new to the psychedelic shroom universe, tripping with less potent but effective shroom like Mazatapec is worth experiencing. However, your experience will depend on the dose of the shroom, your readiness to trip, and the tripping environment.

Additionally, before considering tripping, make sure to know your local law regarding the purchasing and consumption of psychedelic mushrooms; there are states, countries, and cities that prohibit using and buying any psychedelic mushroom.