Know Why Compression Socks Are Beneficial

1Compression socks are great for different kinds of people including nurses, people who travel a lot, and athletes. Even doctors who prescribe them to their patients wear compression socks because of their numerous benefits. Because of the different designs or styles that these socks come in these days, they are not only used by elders or seniors anymore. These types of socks help people, of any age and profession, who are suffering from varicose veins, swelling and other foot and leg problems. Check out this informative post on how you could benefit from compression socks.

For Traveling

Travelers move around a lot – on the plane, bus, train, boat or any other form of transportation. During their trips, they would usually be sitting down most of the time. The legs stay idle for the duration of the trip and would experience cramps, blood clots, swelling, and other leg and foot issues. The special socks would take care of the proper circulation of the blood in these cases. Wearing them on long trips would help you avoid different kinds of leg pains, especially if you have problems concerning edema and other similar issues. Compression socks would also be very helpful for those travelers who walk distances or wait at stations for hours.

For Pregnancy

One of the most common problems that pregnant women complain about is the development of varicose veins or deep vein thrombosis on their legs because of the additional weight they are carrying for about nine months. During pregnancy, especially at the final months, the volume of blood in the body increases. Also there is increased coagulation or clotting of the blood because of the limited activities, or even the many activities, that the legs might be doing during this period. Compression socks would help prevent such diseases as they boost blood blow due to their tightness around the area they are holding.

For Althletics

Different athletes take advantage of the benefits compression socks do for their legs and feet. Unlike for most travelers and pregnant women, athletes move around a lot. They use their legs and feet for hours on end during their harsh trainings. And because of this, their legs get strained most often than not. Sweat also pools in the socks or shoes if they are not wearing the proper gear. Compression socks lessen the risks of cramps and other leg pains due to poor blood circulation. These socks also draw off the moisture from the feet and toes to make it more comfortable for athletes to move around.

For Hospital Duties

Nurses, doctors and other hospital staff, especially those in the emergency room, are always on their feet. They would be standing and running around for most of the duration of their shifts. This would cause them to experience different leg and feet pains. And in time, they would be developing varicose veins or spider veins. Compression socks are very helpful for them as the controlled pressure that the socks would be putting on their legs, feet and ankles would help the blood flow better and prevent clotting and other problems with the veins.