Is it a Yes or a No? Top Signs that the Girl Wants You Too

Women are unpredictable – that’s a fact.

She would say no, but most of the time what she meant was yes. Reading her is like reading a doctor’s prescription – sometimes too hard to read; this is why men can’t really determine whether a woman is giving a man the go signal or is it just platonic.

If you are currently having a hard time reading the girl you like and keep asking yourself “is she giving me signs she wants me to chase her or are those just mixed signals?”, here are the top signs that the girl wants you too.

1. She’ll smile at you more often

Here’s the thing, there are women that do not just smile too much to someone they are not comfortable to be with, especially men. So, if you find someone who looks at you differently and smiles at you every time she sees you, it’s a body language that you should take notice.

If you are open about your feelings for her but you feel there’s a huge wall that she’s not ready to take down, simple acts such as giving you warm smile, looking at you differently, and acts comfortable when you are around, are gestures that she is starting to like you too and she’s challenging you to break her wall.

2. She wants to know you more

If a woman starts to ask you questions about yourself, she is starting to notice you. However, if she is starting to ask questions that are a little too personal, she is beginning to like you and want to know more about you; for instance, she will start to ask you how your day was followed by other questions that will help her understand you as you.

3. She’ll laugh at your jokes

No matter how nonsense your jokes are, if a girl is starting to notice you as a man, she’ll laugh at your jokes.

4. She’ll always compliment you

There are women who would complement anyone as a simple gesture of friendship; however, not everyone, especially men. So, if you find a woman at work or at your place who would always compliment you, especially your style of clothing, your work, and even your personality, that woman likes you.

5. She starts to open up about sex and sexuality

No woman would be comfortable talking about sex and sexuality just to anyone, especially when you are not that close and if you are a man. So, if a woman talks about what interests and excites them sexually, that means she wanted to show you their wild side.

6. She starts to initiate some physical contact

Now is the time to confirm; if a woman touches your arm, your knee, chest, neck, hair, your lips often or leans against you when you are alone those are clear signs that she likes you too and that she is trying to seduce you.

Be confident and ask her out; you’ll never know what will happen if you do not make a move.