Is Display Advertising the Best Way to Monetize Your Blog?

Display advertising is one of the conventional means to monetize a blog post. But is a display ad an effective way to increase traffic and monetize your blog? Find out more about the basics of display advertising and how it can impact your content. 

Display advertising, otherwise known as a display ad, is not a new marketing strategy. However, it became more developed throughout the years alongside the rise of digital marketing and SEO. Several companies rely on display ads to bring traffic to their content. If you want to monetize your blog, many will suggest the use of display advertising.

 A Deeper Dive on Display Advertising

A display ad is perhaps the most popular format of digital advertising. Many companies attest that it is an effective way to monetize content. Likewise, it is a good option for small businesses who are looking for means to gain traffic to their website since it is more accessible and affordable.

Display ads are driven by visual representation to attract potential consumers in clicking on the link and visiting the brand’s official website. They usually use visual media including images, texts, gifs, as well as videos.

These promotional contents are easy to spot. They are commonly shown at the corners of web pages and social media platforms. These advertisements are seen in the form of banner ads, graphic text, and more.

While display advertising is an effective form of marketing content, this digital marketing technique is a complex process. A mistake in one of its processes, and skipping one of its elements will affect the totality of the advertisement.

 How to Maximize Display Advertising

The first step to maximize display advertising is by defining the brand’s demographic. The website’s market segment is the foundation of the advertisement. In order to attract attention, you need to have a website that matches the interest, values, and personalities of your target audience. Thus, before creating a display ad, make sure to do market research to define your demographic.

The next step is to look for the right keywords. Choose relevant keywords that represent your business or brand, and speak to your audience. If the display ad does not include target keywords, chances are, your potential consumers will not click on the advertisement.

It is easy to look for keywords. You can use online keyword-generating tools. Some of these tools are for free, whereas others offer premium uses for a fee.

Take note that display ads are present to encourage people to click on the advertisement and engage with your website. If the website contains poor content, do not expect readers to visit your website again. You can only build a connection with your target audience by creating high-quality blog posts.

 How Display Ad Works

Display ads can be posted on different websites and platforms of your preference. For example, if you’re target is young adults, the best place to post the display ad is on social media platforms. Meanwhile, if you’re audiences are working adults and professionals, LinkedIn is one platform where you can post display ads.

Posting display ads is not enough to keep on bringing traffic to the website. It requires close monitoring and management. Moreover, you need to address loopholes to make sure the display ads remain effective.