How to Make a Good Quilt Great

Did you recently discover that you have very good sewing skills and skills for handmade projects, in general? Do you love quilts and would like to learn how to make a good quilt great? Well, we are happy to share some very useful tips and tricks with you so please check out the list below, put these into practice and the outcome is surely going to be one that you will be thrilled with. As long as you pay attention to some small but important details, a good quilt can easily become a great one. In simpler words, this very useful guide will help you become a quilting master. Here it is.

1. First read the directions and cut only after you go through all of them. All that you have to do is to read the instructions from top to bottom; this will help you avoid mistakes down the line.

2. Learn to make the most of your yardage. A lot of beginners feel tempted to begin with the smaller shapes because they have this impression that these require more work so it is best to get over with it from the beginning. Well, we recommend you to first cut out the larger shapes and only then move to the smaller ones. If you accidentally mistake the measurements for the larger shapes, you can still use the yardage and cut some more for the smaller parts.

3. Use the right tools. A lot of people begin quilting without having the right tools; others have the right tools but they don’t use these wisely. There are certain small details to consider. For example, when you’re doing rotary cutting, it is important to start with the blade about half an inch up to the ruler; the next step is to cut the material back to the tip and then cut forward. Otherwise, the tip of the ruler will get chipped in time and you will no longer obtain a round form.

4. Precision. The big and the small parts will only fit in if you cut correctly, respecting the measurements, sew accurately and then press with precision. If you don’t do this and miss only one of these steps, the outcome will not be a great quilt.

5. Prevent shadows. If you love high contrasts fabrics, then there is a risk of shadowing. Red and white, for example, can create shadowing. The good news is that you can prevent this from happening by pressing the seams open or by pressing towards the darker material. Do this and shadows won’t appear anymore.

6. Trim the loose threads. If you are interested in obtaining a great quilt, not just a good one, then you need to trim the loose threads on the back. The back of the quilt is just as important as the front and it needs to look good.

7. The right stitch. A lot of beginners don’t really know how to choose the right stitch. Luckily, there are plenty of guides which will easily teach you about stitches.