History Of Gun Holsters

Every gun owner knows that how you carry your gun is important. This is because danger may come when you least expect it and find you off-guard. However, if you had your gun close enough and somewhere you could easily draw it and defend yourself from your attacker, then you are more than lucky.

This is why gun holsters are popular for gun owners, however, seventy to ninety percent of them have no idea about the origin of gun holders. They just enjoy using them without wondering how they came to be nor what inspired their creation for guns.

Main gun holster designs have their roots way back to the civil war. This was back when guns were carried in a funny manner; some gun owners would even tuck it down their trousers. This was somehow dangerous to them as they could easily pull the trigger and injure themselves with the fired bullet.

Since the introduction of gun holsters, there have been numerous designs on the same. Some have been inspired to give the whole idea a sleek and fashionable design whereas some are done on the basis of making handling guns from your holster easy. For more information about holsters, you can learn more at Outdoor Methods.

Gun holsters have been in existence for longer than you can even imagine. The idea to this is from the basis that early citizens designed something similar to holsters for their arrows and even other weapons in their itinerary.

Pommel holsters are the earliest ones and can be noticed by the simple design that they were manufactured with. They were just created to carry guns around and not for any other function such as drawing the gun easily and faster when one is in trouble.

There have even been western style pommel bags that were used to carry numerous guns at once. This type of gun bags faded away and this led to the invention of better ones in what you see as the gun holster today.

There has also been the Slim Jim type of gun holster which is believed to have come from California. This can either be open-topped or full-flapped. Apart from this, there have been numerous others used in the history of gun holster most of which were originating from different states and spread through trading activities. This might be why there are mixtures of gun holsters all over the place yet they have names form a particular state or country.

Gun holsters have developed from being worn just around the waist to be worn almost all over the body, except around the head only. These include gun holsters such as shoulder and hip pocket holsters. These have been designed to make it convenient for the gun owners to carry their guns wherever they go.

Apart from gun holsters, gun owners have also benefited from cartridge belts that help them carry around ammunition. The last thing as a gun owner you want to deal with is having less ammunition when trouble just catches up with you. This shame is reduced by the cartridge belt which is alongside the gun holster to make it convenient for you.