Factors to Consider When Looking for a Floor Jack to Buy

A floor jack is one of the basic automotive equipment that everyone must have. This tool is extremely helpful when changing tires and lifting vehicle. The primary function of a floor jack is to lift heavy objects to provide sufficient workroom to repair an automotive.

Know that looking for a floor jack to buy is somehow confusing and daunting for a beginner. Take note that floor jacks differ in size, type, and prices. These varying options are one of the reasons why experts suggest that beginners consult helpful guide like the Auto Aid Outlet.

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Aside from the assistance of Auto Aid Outlet, you also have to consider the above factors when selecting a floor jack. Below are some additional facts you need to know about this tool.

Type of Material

Floor jacks are usually made of either steel or aluminum. Both materials have pros and cons that you must know.

#1 Steel

Steel is higher in density compared to aluminum. It entails that steel floor jack is heavier rather than the former despite having the same size and shape.

Steel jacks are well-known for their durability and resilience. Because of this, steel floor jacks have high weight limitations which are a great advantage to professional users. Unfortunately, moving and storing such an item is difficult and it is not ideal for carrying around in your car.

Though steel jacks are not suitable for personal use, it is the best choice for professional auto workshop purposes.

#2 Aluminum

As you already know, aluminum is lighter, unlike steel which is denser in comparison. It is one of the reasons why aluminum floor jack is popular among buyers. It is incredibly lightweight and best for personal use. Moreover, it doesn’t corrode which means it has a long lifespan.

Although aluminum jacks are lightweight, this tool also features impressive strength and tough tolerance. Also, aluminum jacks that are made of aircraft grade steel have better performance, yet more expensive than most floor jacks in the market.

Weight Limitations

Another factor you have to consider when selecting a floor jack is the weight capacity of the item. Not all floor jacks can handle lifting trucks and other heavy equipment. Thus, make sure to check the weight capacity of the product before buying it.

Low Profile

An excellent floor jack provides you sufficient space for working. When it comes to personal and professional use, picking out a floor jack with a low-end profile is the wisest option. It can provide you enough space to work without struggling; it also why low profile jacks are highly recommended in the car racing industry.

Now that you know some of the important facts about floor jacks, the next step is for you to decide which product to pick. If you are still confused on which floor jack to buy, go to the Auto Aid Outlet for more info.