‘Magic mushrooms’ is a fascinating phrase to many people. Magic mushrooms may be a form of recreation for some and for others, a method that improves cognitive ability, and creativity, creating a sense of euphoria, and many more.

Magic mushrooms are just a class of edible mushrooms. Mushrooms are versatile and just a class of them tend to take on the role of psychedelics. 

Mushrooms are one of the most popular psychedelics as they contain psilocybin which is a psychoactive substance used to help with mental health and psychological conditions.

Enigma i.e. Enigma Cubensis is just one such mushroom that is extremely potent and isn’t just any new species but a mutation of two species, one of a kind isn’t it? It looks unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. This enigma strain which is most potent and popular comes from the parent species the Tidal Wave.

These shrooms have a very unique appearance like no other mushroom which is a blob like appearance. Generally, mushrooms tend to produce spores to pro-create and expand into the surrounding environment only if the conditions are ambient to support them, but enigma does not follow the beaten path. They are grown purely by cloning i.e., unlike most organisms the current generation is nowhere related to the next generation.

This one-time plant is grown in a liquid culture or with mycelium from a previous batch. They grow only one flush of offspring, illustrating the complications behind their growth and the criticality of this one flush. Even after that, they take much longer to mature for harvest as compared to regular mushrooms. Planting a dispensary is one time, but growing one takes an extraordinary amount of time.

Enigma has often been compared to a brain as they never grow umbrella caps like a stereotypical mushroom but bloom into multiple blobs and combine to form waves and convolutions like the human brain.

They grow into dense colonies and are preserved just like any other mushroom of these species which is majorly by drying.

The cultivation method of this mushroom has been kept secret for many years, but in reality, they were difficult to even cultivate in the first place.

These mushrooms are popularly known for creating hallucinations and a sense of euphoria in the consumer. Even though a consumer may be familiar with their effects sometimes they tend to differ on the basis of the chemical composition of the consumer’s body.

The effects of this mushroom are sometimes drastic and sudden as sometimes certain psilocybin effects which are not seen at lower dosages make an appearance at higher dosages. Hence it is required to be extremely conscious of the consumption quantity as they may not be for everyone.

These mushrooms are also not legal everywhere so with prior knowledge as to the legality of possession of these fungi one can use them for personal benefit.

It is due to Enigma’s Cubensis usage in different fields of psychological therapies, peculiar appearance, and sense of highness, that the Enigma Cubensis is becoming popular worldwide.  Many psychonauts might know that these shrooms are hard to acquire but if one is willing to try and explore this realm of psychotherapy, then one can purchase these shrooms at Three Amigos Psilocybin.