Imagine your phone battery is dying. 

Isn’t that battery percentage making you break your sweat?  

Do you feel like your life is coming to a standstill?

The one object that puts the wheels back on your wagon of life is a battery bank.

The battery bank is one of the most vital and fundamental objects of our lives in the 21st century.

An individual carries this reservoir of charge around everywhere right from one’s work to the restroom, and sometimes even mid-air.

When we talk about mid-air we indicate planes that is a circumstance where you are most likely to be in need of battery banks. These power banks are perfect to keep your gadgets going on a long and weary flight either for entertainment or to keep in touch with family, friends, and most importantly work.

But did you know not all battery banks are allowed on board? 

What are these battery banks made of that takes them off the list of permitted objects on flights?

Food for thought isn’t it?

These life supporters of electronic gadgets are nothing but packets of power-like material that have been electrically charged. They are very similar to the wire channels that one would connect to an electrical outlet making it a living circuit in a metal box.

How is this hazardous?

Well, these battery banks are just a bunch of lithium-ion cells that have the ability to spontaneously combust — considering they shall combust in an airborne capsule of oxygen, it would not take a scientist to realize that this could create a potentially threatening situation for life on board.

The question arises, how likely is this to occur? Well, a very recent instance was China’s southern plane that took off from Guangzhou, where a carry-on bag caught fire in the overhead bin, and the flight attendant doused the fire with the help of water and juice from a co-passenger. The airline had previously wired a host of safety measures on the electrical conductors and switches to foil such occurrences by preventing any battery banks from being sent to the luggage compartment of the aircraft far from any supervision. such a case signifies that there is a high possibility of it occurring  but it is not always.

Those who are constantly on the run shall know there are various types of battery banks and some are allowed but none are allowed in the check in luggage as these battery banks will make their way to the boot section of the aircraft. 

The ones that are allowed are divided into two subsections – the ones that can be taken on board undeclared and the other that needs the approval of the airline even after which they can be denied while boarding, depending on the circumstance.

Each airline has its own procedure to take battery banks on board but in general, the Transportation Security Administration or in other words TSA is particular about not allowing more than 100Wh or 27000mAh battery banks on aircraft for safety reasons. The battery banks of different capacities have different procedures and if you are a fervent user of battery banks and plan on taking a trip with the aviation industry and you need to know if your beloved gadget can make it on board click here to know more!