Comparison of Blenders and Food Processors

Today, blenders and food processors are very popular kitchen appliance because it can produce healthy purees and smoothies that most of the people loved. If you want to make a perfect juice drink because of the very hot summer, then these blenders and food processors are perfect for your drinks craze. Not only for different kinds of juices, smoothies, and purees, but also it can help you chop veggies for your homemade soup, and even create sauces. Blenders are also perfect in creating frozen desserts that could be perfect for everyone in your family, especially to the children. There are many functions that these blenders and food processors can do. But the problem is there are lots of options for blenders and food processors with different brand and model that is available in the market. And some of the people are confused about which to buy, blender or food processor? Which one is best for your needs? Could a blender be used as a food processor? Well, in this article, I will answer all your questions about blenders and food processors. Also, at the end of the article you can see what a Ninja blender can do  if it can be used as a food processor too.

First, let us compare the two kitchen appliances, there features, designs and applications. In terms of design, you can easily determine which one is a blender and which one is the food processor. Blenders have jug-like container design while the food processors have a wide base bowl. The blades of the food processors are sharp and interchangeable along with its discs, while the blender has unsharpened fixed blade but has a powerful motor that can blend and chop solid ingredients. The blades of these two kitchen appliances are multi-functional too. For the food processor, it can be used in grinding and chopping fruits and veggies, shredding veggies, grating cheese, mixing and kneading the dough. For blenders, it can be used as chopping, grinding, and pulverizing ingredients for your fruits and veggies meals. Also, it is best in creating frozen desserts, homemade soup, and baby food. Only you need to add more liquid in processing your food using a blender, while in a food processor, only a little amount of liquid. Blenders are also called as liquidizer while the food processors are best in creating chunks of fruits and veggies. Food processors can also create smoothies and purees just like blenders do.

Can you use Ninja blenders as a food processor? Ninja blenders are known for its multifunction and best features that it could be used as a food processor too. But there are some limitations that it cannot perform well just like food processors do. Many of the users tried to experiment if they could use ninja blenders as food processors, but some of them have failed to prove it. Ninja blenders have a powerful motor that it can crush ice and pulverize solid ingredients but it cannot mix and knead the dough just like a food processor. It is important to first determine your needs before you buy any type of kitchen appliance. It is also important to check first some detailed reviews about the blender or food processor that you will purchase to confirm its efficiency and best features. At the end of the day, you will be the one to use your kitchen appliances, so much better you will choose the best one that will last longer and specifically answer all your needs.