Choosing the Best Dog Brush

2Grooming your pet dogs has become a necessity instead of simply a luxury because of its many benefits. Because of this, there has been a significant increase in the grooming tools being offered in the market nowadays. The moment you saw the need for grooming, most especially the benefits of brushing regularly, you will be faced with the hundreds or thousands of grooming tools and accessories available in the market nowadays. Even if you focus with a single grooming activity, which is brushing, it will still be hard to figure out which of them will be the right one for your dog.


First and foremost, there are different varieties of dog brushes to choose from and each of them is designed in various ways to be able to cater all types of dogs in existence. It would be of great help to learn about each of these types of dog brushes as well as how they look and to what dog type are they specifically made for. There is no better way in choosing the best brush for your Pomeranian or any dog type than familiarizing the brushes. Doing so will help you make the right purchase and give your pet dog the right brush and care that they deserve.


The most common type of dog brush is the slicker brush, which is made out of fine wires that is closely packed to a slightly curved or flat surface or base. It can smooth the fur out and remove mats and tangles. All dogs can make use of slicker brush but it is highly recommended for those with medium to long type of hair.


The undercoat rake for dogs is good for dogs who are shedding in clump sizes. It can easily remove the loose fur or undercoat hair easily and is an effective choice in the prevention of matting. It generally looks like a garden rake but more on being capable to brush your dog.


There is a flea comb for your pet dogs, which is specifically made to deal with the problem of fleas in dogs. It is made with teeth or pins that are very close to each other so that it will not only carry off fleas, but can also affect the flea dirt and eggs.


The rubber dog brush is highly recommended for short-haired dog types. The rubbers are said to act like a magnet and attract loose hairs or coats for its removal. It generally contains soft pins that can massage the skin for better flow of blood.


There are some pet owners who prefer the double sided type of dog brush. One side contains pins that are designed to remove tangles while the other side have soft brushes that can add up to the shine and beauty of your pet dog.


The bristle brush for dogs seemed to be the most common and simple looking. It is the ideal finishing brush to soften the fur and provide smoothness.


Other types of dog brushes that are worth knowing about include the mat breakers, moulting comb, a deshedding tool, as well as the general grooming comb.