Battle Between Gods: Can Thor Beat Superman?

Can the God of Thunder beat the Last Son of Krypton? It’s a challenging question because both are strong, but in several accounts Superman seemingly outclasses Thor. On the second thought, you’ll be surprised that Thor is an advantage over Superman. 

In DC Universe, Superman is considered as a god amongst men, while in Marvel Universe, Thor is his counterpart. However, in terms of superhuman abilities, can Thor surpass Superman? In DC verse, Superman’s powers are unmatched. However, if it is to conclude who is the stronger superhero, Superman or Hulk, Thor has better chances of defeating Superman than any other superhero.

Here are the top reasons why Thor can beat Superman:

Reason #1: Superman has vulnerability against magic

Assuming that Thor does not know about Superman’s weakness against kryptonite, Thor has better chances of defeating Superman because of his magical ability. It is revealed that Superman is vulnerable against magic due to Shazam vs Superman rip-off.

Although Superman has been absorbing solar energy for decades, Shazam, on the other hand, a mystical being that possesses the powers of the six Olympian Gods, was able to subdue Superman because of his raw power, which is magic. This is no difference between Thor and Superman.

Thor is in great advantage because he uses Mjolnir, a magical hammer, and can summon magical lightning – two magical things that can overthrow Superman. However, Superman’s vulnerability against magic does not imply that Superman can easily be defeated by his enemy using magic; Superman does not have a specific defense against magic.

Reason #2: Thor has few known weaknesses

Unlike Superman who can’t function well when there’s kryptonite nearby or who is vulnerable against magic, Thor has few known weaknesses.

Thor is not susceptible to harsh cold or heat. So, Superman’s heat vision and freeze breath can’t bring Thor to the edge.

Reason #3: Thor’s Mjolnir can match Superman’s speed when thrown

The only superhero that can match Superman’s speed is Flash, in both DC and Marvel-verse. Thor can’t beat Superman when it comes to speed, but he can sense or distinguish objects that are incredibly moving fast. Therefore, he can detect Superman even when he is moving fast.

Now, to defeat Superman against his speed, Thor needs to use his Mjolnir. It is revealed in the comic series that when Thor throws his Mjolnir it spins twice the speed of light, matching Superman’s speed. Therefore, even Superman can fly or run with unparallel speed, Thor’s hammer can bring Superman down.

Reason #4: Thor is an experienced fighter

Even though Superman had faced countless battles and had won, Thor has better chances of beating Superman. This is because Thor is considered as an experienced and skilled combatant than Superman. If you try to read the Marvel comics and follow the journey of Thor, you’ll be amazed by his combat skill.

Final Thoughts

If you go by the poll for the strongest superhero in DC and Marvel Universe, Superman overthrows Thor. However, due to Superman’s weaknesses – advantages to Thor – Thor has better chances of defeating Superman than other superheroes of both verses.