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The Chill Pill Of The Shroom World

Psilocybin, a substance found in magic mushrooms, is in charge of producing hallucinations, psychological effects, and a high. There are more than 200 kinds of psilocybin mushrooms, the most effective of which are found in the genus

Microdosing Shrooms- An Experience

Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychedelic substance found in certain species of mushrooms. It is known for its ability to produce layered states of consciousness and has a long history of use in traditional indigenous cultures for


Imagine your phone battery is dying.  Isn’t that battery percentage making you break your sweat?   Do you feel like your life is coming to a standstill? The one object that puts the wheels back on your wagon


‘Magic mushrooms’ is a fascinating phrase to many people. Magic mushrooms may be a form of recreation for some and for others, a method that improves cognitive ability, and creativity, creating a sense of euphoria, and many

4 Most Popular Shrooms that Every New Tripper Should Know

Are you excited to experience your first trip with magic mushrooms but cannot choose what shroom to trip to? Check this post to find the most popular shroom ideal for beginners. What is a magic mushroom? Magic

The Blue Meanies Magic Mushroom Strain: Top Facts to Know

Blue Meanies magic mushrooms are one of the world’s most potent shrooms. So, before you consider tripping with the shroom the first time, try reading significant facts about it first. What are Blue Meanies? In the psychedelic

Mazatapec Magic Mushroom: Facts to Know

Is it your first time to trip Mazatapec magic mushroom? Are you curious and anxious at the same time about the experience you’ll get? Check this post and find out if Mazatapec magic mushroom is a good

Top Reasons Why Odin can Pass as a Villain

Odin, the king of Asgard, is the All-Father that most MCU fans would regard as a great king and true leader. But did you know that Odin can pass as a villain too?  Who is Odin? Odin

Beginner’s Guide: Top Facts about Magic Mushrooms You Need to Know

Are you excited and worried at the same time on your first trip with the magic mushroom? It is okay; every new shroom tripper experiences mixed emotions during their first trip. However, to have a meaningful and

Magic Mushroom Dosage: Things you Should Know

One of the most critical parts of magic mushroom tripping is using the right shroom with its correct dose. How? Magic mushrooms have several health benefits these include the following: Depression Anxiety Smoking cessation, alcohol, and other