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If, like me, you believe that personnel decisions are among the most important decisions that management can make, you really have to be shaking your head at Stephen Harper at this point. He's had a knack for picking winners.

The former head of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal abused and harassed her employees, a report tabled in Parliament today concludes.

Public Service Integrity Commissioner Mario Dion says Shirish Chotalia is guilty of gross mismanagement, improper behaviour, and making inappropriate remarks. The investigation took almost two years to complete.


Dion, in a conference call Thursday, called Chotalia's behaviour "totally unacceptable" and said that in his nearly 2½ years on the job, he's never come across a worse case of behaviour towards employees that shows a "total lack of respect."

The article at the link includes a partial list of the incidents that led to Dion's statement and "total lack of respect" doesn't overstate the matter. Not even close. The woman's behaviour borders on the bizarre.

Still, I guess this isn't Harper's worst appointment. To the best of my knowledge, there's been no arrest warrant sworn out for Chotalia.

Adding... though I suppose we could consider the possibility that Harper's intention was actually to sabotage the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. In that case, Chotalia was a splendid appointment. Well played, sir!

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