Friday night: Brown, Brown and Jordan

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My father has to take some of the blame for my interest in the blues. He had a collection of 78s and albums that included material like tonight's offerings. And Moose at Classic Blues Videos deserves a shout-out (again) for a couple of these.

This first one is short and sweet and to recycle a line I've used before: if it doesn't get your toe tapping, you're probably dead. This is Charles Brown with Joyce's Boogie.

One evening in 1989, Ruth Brown visited Johnny Carson to talk about the furniture business. This is called If I Can't Sell It, I'll Sit On It.

G.I. Jive was originally written and recorded by Johnny Mercer who had a hit with it in 1944. Louis Jordan covered it and had a hit with it the same year. This performance with The Tympani Five is from 1966. Have a good weekend.

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You hit the trifecta, pogge. Thank you. What an excellent welcome to the weekend!

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