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HRSDC privacy breach letters sent to wrong people

Former student loan recipients say letters from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada informing them their personal information may have been lost also include the contact information of complete strangers.

The federal government is mailing many student loan borrowers to tell them about the loss of a hard drive from a government office in Gatineau, Que., in November.

According to some notice recipients, the envelopes with their notices also held letters for strangers.

So in the course of informing people about a breach of privacy that might even lead to identity theft, the government has committed an additional breach of the same people's privacy that might even lead...

Would that be a privacy breach2?

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Hrm. In, I'm sure, completely unrelated news, I understand the parliamentary budget officer says Conservative cutbacks to government departments have, contrary to their claims, left management structures intact or growing while cutting front line service staff. Just like cutbacks always seem to.

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