In which my MP finally makes a name for himself

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Oshawa MP Colin Carrie's name doesn't come up in the news that often but it did today. It seems he's misbehaved.

Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson has ruled two more Conservative MPs acted improperly in sending letters to the CRTC.

The commissioner's office issued two compliance orders Thursday - one to Mississauga-Brampton South MP Eve Adams and another to Oshawa MP Colin Carrie. Both MPs are Parliamentary Secretaries... [and] are public office holders under the Conflict of Interest Act.

"In the orders, she notes that it was improper for Ms. Adams and Dr. Carrie, as parliamentary secretaries, to have written letters of support to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on behalf of radio stations in their constituencies seeking broadcasting licences from the CRTC," said the commissioner's spokesperson Jocelyne Brisebois in a statement.

Carrie even gets a little extra attention:

The Globe also reported that the applicant supported by Mr. Carrie, Doug Kirk, is listed in the Elections Canada database as having made three contributions to the Oshawa Conservative riding association since June, 2007, totalling $639.25.

I'm so proud.

This follows closely on the compliance order issued to Jim Flaherty for the same type of infraction. As I recall Flaherty initially denied doing anything wrong but ended up claiming it was one of those mysterious bureaucratic snafus that seem to plague the Harper government. It's a little more difficult to sell that story with three of them caught pulling the same stunt.

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When your MP is a Conservative the best thing you can hope for is that he doesn't make a name for himself

Welcome to the club, pogge. This is how MY MP has distinguished himself ...

I remember that incident. He's quite the piece of the work.

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