Transparency for thee but not for me

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It's difficult to fathom how a Truth and Reconciliation Commission is supposed to fulfill its mission when the truth remains off limits.

Indian residential school records on dead and missing children and abuse complaints to the RCMP may never see the light of day if Ottawa gets its way in its battle with the commission created to shed light on Canada's darkest chapter, according to court documents.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) is taking Ottawa to court over its refusal to hand over millions of records related to the 150 year existence of Indian residential schools. The court fight has been described as a battle for control over the history of residential schools.

The government had committed to releasing all relevant information but is now refusing to reveal exactly what it means by "relevant." In other words, the Harper government is digging its heels in and playing games hoping to outlast the opposition.

This is the same government that is pushing for unprecedented levels of transparency from both First Nations leaders and labour unions. As someone suggested yesterday on Twitter, the Conservatives appear to view transparency as a weapon to be used against others and not a principle to uphold.

And it's the same government that, four years ago, made a long overdue apology on behalf of all Canadians for the damage done by the residential school system. If we're all kept in the dark about exactly what the prime minister was apologizing for, then that apology was just empty words.

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1 Comment

These assholes act on reflex even when they have nothing to gain by not releasing these documents.

They are predisposed to secrecy and cannot bring themselves to release any information no matter how innocuous, unless of course it is to smear a vet or two and the odd civil servant.

To Harper Inc.everyone is a potential enemy, they see conspiracies under every piece of paper.


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