Punching above our weight

We're number fifty-eight!

Canada fell to 58th place out of 61 countries analyzed for their policies and action on climate change this year, trailed only by Kazakhstan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The annual Climate Change Performance Index is released by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe and is based on an analysis of government climate policy in each country.


The report examines current emissions levels, development of emissions, renewable energy, efficiency, and climate policy. Canada scores the lowest ranking of 'very poor' with respect to current emissions, renewable energy, and climate policy. On efficiency Canada is given a ranking of 'poor', and in development of emissions a ranking of 'good,' with a strong caveat that it is not cause for celebration if progress in some sectors is completely negated by soaring emissions from the oil and gas sector.


Environment Canada reports show that the government does not have the policies in place necessary to meet their current goals, which have been widely criticized for being among the weakest in the industrialized world. Canada was the only country to weaken its climate target under the Copenhagen Accord and has since become the only country to withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol.


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