Does the Harper government think we should repudiate the ICC?

One of the stated reasons for Canada's opposition to the elevation in status of Palestine is the concern that "the Palestinians will use their new status to file war crimes charges against Israel in the International Criminal Court." And we — at least those who represent us to the world — say that like it's a bad thing.

Does our government doubt the integrity of the ICC? Do Harper and Baird believe that if Israel were to be brought up on war crimes charges it wouldn't receive a fair hearing?

The Americans can at least claim a certain consistency on this one since they've refused to participate in the ICC. That's not the case for Canada. We even have a section on the federal government's website devoted to our participation and relationship with it where the court's mandate is described as "crucial."

So if we continue to believe in the necessity of the court, why are we concerned that Israel or any other country might be called to account before it? And if we no longer have faith or confidence in the way the ICC conducts its affairs, why aren't we at least saying that out loud if not ending our association with it?

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