Friday night

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 killed 246 people in seven states. At its height, the Mississippi River was 60 miles wide south of Memphis, Tennessee. This is Eric Bibb accompanied by Staffan Astner on Flood Water.

Canned Heat has gone through a lot of personnel changes over the years. From what I've read there are three original members who still go out on the road but on this performance I think the drummer, Adolfo de la Parra, is the only one accounted for. This is Same Old Blues.

Deep Elem Blues was a standard part of the Grateful Dead's repertoire so I guess it's appropriate that Bob Weir joined Levon Helm's band for this performance. Helm's on mandolin here and the drummer is Weir's bandmate from Furthur, Joe Russo. That's Cindy Cashdollar on lap steel guitar. Have a good weekend.

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