Is Chair of SIRC an honorary position too?

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Chuck Strahl's name finally popped up!

Five months ago he was named as the new head of the Security Intelligence Review Committee, the agency that's supposed to hold CSIS to account. At the time I set up a Google news alert on his name and waited for the hits to roll in. Yesterday I was finally rewarded: courtesy of Peter MacKay, Strahl has been named as the new honorary lieutenant-colonel of The Royal Westminster Regiment.

That's all very nice but perhaps someone could ask him how that other gig is going. Things seem to be a little quiet at SIRC. The most recent item in their newsroom is over a year old.

I'd be particularly interested to know how that inquiry into CSIS involvement in the case of Abousfian Abdelrazik is going. That would be the one that was announced three and a half years ago. Or was Paul Champ, Abdelrazik's lawyer, correct when he said a year ago that the review had been abandoned?

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For once the phrase " Nothing to see here " can be taken literally. Sad.


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