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I would have thought that negotiation, like financial management, would be considered a core competency of Conservatives. These people are supposed to be all about doing business and doing deals, aren't they? So did you hear the terms of our entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the latest thing in "free trade" deals?

Sight unseen, the government of Canada has agreed to accept any negotiating text on which the nine current members have already reached consensus. According to the USTR, this includes all agreed ("unbracketed") text within chapters that are still open, not just completed chapters. To date, only one chapter has been completed.

And "sight unseen" is right because these negotiations have been a secret.

These are the people who believe in running government like a business and not only have they essentially agreed to sign a contract without having any part in negotiating most of it — they've agreed to sign it before they've seen most of it.

Best part? Canada only agreed to these terms after our new representative took over the file. That would be Nigel Wright, the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, who took a leave of absence as Managing Director of Onex Corporation to come and work for us. Do you think this is how he conducted business for Onex?

You don't get good government from people who think government is the problem. And the crew in charge at the moment are just the ones to keep proving that. Over and over.

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"You don't get good government from people who think government is the problem."
That's very often the problem with this government, but I don't think it's the problem here. The problem this time is more along the lines of "The citizens don't get good government from people who think the citizens are the problem."

They're putting together a trade agreement that has nothing to do with benefit for Canada or Canadians. I'm sure we'll find that the terms are pretty good for transnational corporations and the international billionaire class. That's who these people are negotiating on behalf of--they couldn't care less about Canada or the people who live there. So they're willing to live with whatever crap has been shoved into this "trade" agreement already, sight unseen, because they've been assured with a high degree of confidence that it's good for the constituency they obey.

To put it more simply, they're traitors.

...Exactly how many private sector managers would sign such a sweeping deal without reading it at least a couple of times over to look for any loopholes or weak spots?

This is the sort of thing you'd think they'd be all over the NDP or the Liberals for if those parties were the ones signing these deals, raking them over the coals for their supposed incompetence and alluding to private sector companies that would never sign such an agreement without reading the fine print.