Is that really your final answer, Dean?

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Another day, another Dean Del Mastro story. Today it was the prime minister himself who stood up in the House of Commons to assure us all that there's nothing to the suggestion that his parliamentary secretary violated election law in the 2008 campaign. And where Del Mastro had originally promised to release documents proving his innocence, the party line now seems to be that Elections Canada received all there was to see four years ago and that's the end of it.

So the story Del Mastro is sticking to is that the Holinshed Research Group did a "limited amount of work" for his campaign to the tune of $1,500 (plus GST which brought it to $1,575) and that's all there was. If you go back to the original McGregor-Maher story on this you'll find that Frank Hall of Holinshed tells a different story. But ignore Hall's comments for the moment.

Documents supposedly in possession of Elections Canada show a total of 630 man hours of work which a dozen Holinshed employees did on behalf of Del Mastro. If the total bill was really $1,500 before taxes that means that Holinshed billed its employees out at $2.38 an hour. That's $2.38 to cover wages, benefits, office space (and phone lines and computers), marketing and sales, etc.

Seriously? Dean sure got a great deal.

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Maybe that's why Holinshed got that hefty Canada Economic Action Plan grant - a cross-subsidy to offset amounts owing.


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