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A few minutes after I posted last Friday's installment of the (hopefully) ongoing robocon investigation story, the CBC posted their own report on what were the latest developments at that point. Most of it was a rehash of the other stories I noted last week but in light of a subsequent report, this seems worth mentioning:

Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro wouldn't comment on Elections Canada's process.

"They're doing their due diligence, investigating some serious allegations and we support them in that," Del Mastro said.

Del Mastro thinks that EC is doing their due diligence. Let's put that up against a quote from the latest offering from McGregor and Maher. Towards the end of the article they discuss Arthur Hamilton, the Conservative party's lawyer.

It is unclear why Elections Canada agreed to let Hamilton attend the interviews or why the agency has not issued a production order to legally compel the party to hand over relevant records, instead of relying on voluntary disclosure.

It is unclear.

Just as it remains unclear — at least to me — why Andrew Prescott has been allowed to hide behind his lawyer and refuse to speak to Elections Canada since March. See why my inner cynic is getting so restless? EC seems to be bending over backwards to accommodate the Conservative Party of Canada. Since that would be the same CPC that has already admitted violations of election law, the reasons for not being more aggressive in the investigation certainly do seem ... unclear.

Nothing has been reported this week that would bring any clarity to the situation or advance the story of the investigation. No news isn't good news when we're dealing with a trail that's gone cold and suspected perps who are being allowed to control access to crucial evidence.

That McGregor and Maher story was mainly about the Council of Canadians lawsuit and reported that the Conservatives are expected to file a motion today to have it quashed. That's not surprising; they'll do that every chance they get. They insisted that the charges in the "In and Out" case were frivolous too — right up until the point where they entered the guilty plea. Hopefully my inner cynic won't feel an irresistible urge to get drunk later this afternoon when we hear how their motion is received.

Update: Glen McGregor on Twitter around 5 pm:

CPC did NOT today file motion to dismiss Council of Canadian legal challenges in 7 other ridings, as lawyer had promised. No indication why...
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