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This post will be a little short on details but it will provide the links so you can follow them and fill in the blanks if you don't get the references. The main point is that I'm joining with bloggers at The Sixth Estate, Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff (any number of posts) and others who have expressed increasing frustration with the pace of Elections Canada's investigation into Robocon.

The first post linked to above mentions a couple of specific areas where the trail has gone cold. You might forgive the loss of the proxy server logs since the owner generally only keeps them for a week. But there's also the loss of the video evidence that might have identified Pierre Poutine which is the alias of the person who purchased the credit cards used to pay the bills at RackNine.

The story that broke last Friday afternoon connected Poutine to the CPC campaign in Guelph and specifically to Andrew Prescott, the deputy campaign manager. That alone doesn't prove both used the same computer but the heavy lifting done by Zorpheus at The Wingnuterer makes that claim much harder to argue with. Yesterday afternoon we learned that the IP isn't associated with the campaign office but it does trace back to Guelph. Andrew Prescott, it turns out, doesn't live in Guelph. But the parents of Michael Sona, the campaign's comms director, do. Do they have a Rogers account? Has anyone asked them? Did Prescott ever visit? Does Prescott do all his business from a laptop that he could have used there or anywhere else? Has anyone asked him?

Probably not. Prescott has lawyered up and has been refusing to speak to EC investigators since March. Has anyone thought to get a subpoena and properly depose him so questions can be answered? Because there are more questions than that for him. And I'd refine Alison's question about the proxy server: why did Prescott suddenly begin using the proxy server only two days before the election?

I understand that if charges are ever going to be laid, then the investigation needs to be done carefully and according to procedure so the charges will stick. But Al Matthews has been investigating the fraudulent phone calls in Guelph for a year. And we're only now finding out that crucial transaction records in the CIMS database have been blanked out? And that one of Andrew Prescott's "Daemon Dialer" downloads — the type of download that would supply the data for RackNine to place the calls — can't be duplicated? As Saskboy has asked repeatedly: would this information be missing if Elections Canada had used its legal authority to access CIMS much sooner than it did?

When Marc Mayrand testified at committee recently that incidents like this shake the public's confidence in our electoral system, he got it absolutely right. And watching the trail get cold before our eyes shakes our confidence in Elections Canada itself. The cynic in me — the one I've been keeping in check so far — is getting restless. He's tempted to suggest that what we're getting is for the benefit of the media and is designed to make us think that something is happening when it really isn't. Please make a liar out of him.

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McMaher's last 3 articles read as if written in some ghastly code - important info buried at least 6 paras down - underneath Post copy editors' headlines that seem designed to convey that the whole thng has come to a dead end.

All the last McMaher tells us is that Poutine is not someone using a shared computer from inside the Guelph campaign office :
‘Pierre Poutine’ mystery deepens as billing records cast doubt on robocall culprits

By the time the Guelph Mercury re-edits it, it's :
Guelph Conservative campaign office unlikely to be site of computer used in fraudulent robodialling

Apologies for yet another comment not addressing the main point of your post but first headline I c&p'd above should have been : Internet billing records point to single culprit in robocalls investigation

Anyway MacGregor posts clarification to yesterday's article here.


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