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I guess I should have waited to do Friday afternoon Robocon blogging. Courtesy of The Sixth Estate, here are new reports from Postmedia (via the Ottawa Citizen) and the Globe and Mail. Short version: In not entirely surprising news, the connection between Pierre Poutine and the Conservative campaign in Guelph has been confirmed. The original post follows...

According to someone who knows a bit about using telephones to suppress the vote, what happened in last year's federal election campaign was "a fairly sophisticated operation" that was likely based on lessons learned in American political campaigns. That's from a former Republican political operative named Allen Raymond who served three months in jail for his own involvement in vote suppression.

So I guess we can add Raymond to the list of people who would surmise that what a lot of us have been calling Robocon wasn't the work of a single rogue operator but the result of a coordinated effort on a national scale. That was from the only new article I've seen in the last week that relates directly to this story — there have been no new developments reported in either the Elections Canada investigation or the Council of Canadians lawsuit. While we wait impatiently for more, contemplate this quote from Raymond:

"Voters are just a commodity when you're in this business," he said. "You're just trying to get enough to win. Are they people? Sure they are, but at the end of the day they're just part of the transaction. You detach yourself because you've got a job to do."

Seeing voters as a commodity and elections as a business is part of the same culture that views citizens as consumers.

Democracy is in deep, deep trouble.

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See also this blurb for a talk by Stephen Carter about collecting data and then delivering political messages:



To my surprise, Keith Boag did a piece on CIMS and microtargeting four years ago.

I see Brian-Michel LaRue (Un F Withable) was up and visible briefly yesterday, and again this morning.. If his latest claims are verified, I doubt whether their legality will matter. If Finley goes down in flames, so does the entire stinking mess. Is it possible that an expatriate Quebecois DJ, bon vivant, researcher/journalist working on his own dime could be the 'Black Swan' event that a dirty government did not account for ? http://unfuckwithable.ca/